Anyone up for a White House RP?

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  1. Hi! I don't have all that much thought out for this. Currently, I just know that I'd want to start it the morning of a takeover of the White House, and there will be plenty of hostages including the president's children. I already have made my characters. This event would carry on for a few days, but there'd be much more to the takeover and multiple attacks connected with it even after the original event is over. This will be set twenty years in the future. The President is female and married to a woman.

    These are the characters I will be using:


    Agatha "Aggie" Pearman-(up to player of First Lady)
    Dependable || Charming || Caring || Decisive || Brilliant
    Sensitive || Restless || Stubborn || Impractical

    Aggie is the second female President of the United States, and the first lesbian president. From a very young age, she knew she wanted to be president one day. Her parents and siblings always laughed at her foolish dreams, but she was determined to succeed despite them. Aggie became involved in politics at the earliest opportunity and was always eager to take on as much responsibilities as she could. Aggie was top of her class all through high school and attended the most prestigious college of that time. Aggie met the woman of her dreams soon after she began her political career. Aggie's happily married to her and has been for twelve years. Aggie and her wife have two young children whom they adopted together.


    Percy Watson
    Dreamer || Competitive || Humorous || Focused || Clever
    Egotistical || Stressed || Dismissive || Cold

    Since he was ten years old, Percy has been inventing. His childhood inventions were simple and harmless. During his teenage years, he became quite dark and began designing weapons. His father used to sell Percy's ideas as his own, and Percy grew more angry with each passing day. Percy was never charged with his father's murder, but those closest had no doubt who had killed the man. Percy manipulated his way into an important position and has developed most of the technology used to protect the president and the White House. When he was offered great amounts of money to assist in a takeover of the White House, he just couldn't resist. Percy doesn't care much about the money. He already has plenty of it. Percy's addicted to danger and is eager to participate in such a massive devastation to the country.
    Roles needed to be filled:

    First Lady
    Percy's contact and boss
    Rookie secret service agent
    President's son
    President's daughter

    Other options would be hostages(whoever that would make sense to have been in the White House the day of the takeover), others hired to participate along with Percy, and other secret service agents.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.