Anyone up for a Walking Dead RP?

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  1. Hey i was thinking of doing a walking dead RP based off the comics, but every time i make one nobody joins, so i wanted to make an internet check to see if anyone will join if i make one, it will start about two weeks after the virus has started, so it will be like this:

    -A four person family
    -A wife and husband with a baby
    - a normal male
    -normal female
    -family of three
    -teenager (male) Reserved for @andrew21234
    -teenager (male)
    -Teenager (female)

    and the plot will go: A group of fifteen hide in an abandon supermarket to hide from the monsters (walkers) outside of the store, they must find a way to get out of there before they are ripped apart from those things.

    So the question is, any takers?
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  2. can it be like the tv series . instead of the comics. as I only see the series.
  3. yeah sure ill change it
  4. is there anyone you can invite to this, i'm really excited. would you like to think of ideas?
  5. I'm totally new here. so I don't know anybody.
  6. oh sorry didn't notice, well welcome to Iwaku, it's a great site and the users here are very welcoming
  7. Well I hope it better then the site I was on before. I got a warning for advertisement because i mentions A tv series lol.

    Anyway have you been up to-date with the walk dead series :)
  8. oh yeah, its sad that i have to wait three months after sunday :'(
  9. yeah . it sucks to have to wait. but I really love it. so it kinda worth the wait :P ,
  10. Ikr, would you like any reservations for the list of people above?
  11. not really. but If it take to look. then we take it to 1v1 .
  12. I'm in Justice
  13. okay sweet! thanks Andy, want the only male?
  14. Yeah, and I hate being called Andy
  15. fine *sighs*
  16. wait teen male or just male
  17. andrew I commented on your post for amazon. can you please reply.
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