Anyone up for a Vampire x Slave roleplay? (Still in need of a partner)

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  1. Salut! ^-^ are you interested?
  2. Yes *nods head* I have been interested in a Master/Slave type RP for quite some time now. Or is this just between a vampire that is not the Slave's Master?
  3. *Cheers* Yay! :D and it is a Master/ Slave based ^-^ I finally found a partner!
  4. Alright! *cheers with you* Who are you most interested in playing?
  5. The slave, let me tell you thought, she is not that type that simply obeys orders. .
  6. Aha, this is going to be interesting! Do you have a IC that I can preview?
  7. The link at the very top is ic ^-^
  8. Pfffhahaha I totally missed that!
  9. It gives me an "error".
  10. It says I do not have permission to perform that action .___.
  11. -.- stupid link. . . Well, it is on the second page of mature roleplay. . It is called Bloody love. .
  12. I think I may be blind. I don't find it on the second page of Mature Roleplay.
  13. did you go to mature[T] roleplay? o. o
  14. Ohhhh I don't see that anywhere. Perhaps because we are not in the same age group? I am 20.
  15. Hmmm. . . I could always move that thread someplace else to where you could join. . I could move it to pm if you want. .
  16. I don't think that is allowed, is it?
  17. Uhhhhh. . . O.O *checks the rules*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.