Anyone up for a Romance/Supernatural (Not the show) rp?

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  1. Hey so I have a idea (Open for discussion of course)

    Well, I wanted to do a Lesbian rp. And I have no idea what to do for a plot. We could do anything from a tv show ship to our own. honestly I have no idea.

    For my OC rp here is my character

    Name: Amber Oscurita
    Age: 21
    Race: Hybrid (Panther shifter/Angel)
    Appearance (<-- Pic)
    Amber has always been a kind soul, even in the worst of situations. She has always been stubborn though she has always tried to help the people around her with whatever they needed. With her heart on her sleeve she was sometimes easily manipulated after she trusted them, thus creating her lack of trust in people. Her friends would often joke about how graceful she was while fixing cars and dancing then how clumsy she was when she was doing anything else. She was always good in groups or crowds of people, even one on one is fine. And if you don't find her with her friends, in the dance studio or at the beach you can be positive she's working on her Motorcycle.

    Amber had always been a playful kid, she lived in New York city with her parents George and Elizabeth, who were almost always working. They worked in a family business, one of the biggest restaurant lines in her generation and they had raised her to one day join... Until she was old enough to refuse them, she wanted to do something else with her life and her father was furious while her mother supported her. Even though she had refused her parents, her father still pressured her into continuing the business. The only time she would get any relief was when she stayed with her grandparents Maria and Roger. Over the years Amber became a mechanic and has owned and worked in her grandfathers shop sense she was 18.
  2. I am certainly interested in doing one with you- and I'm perfectly fine with it being both females. I tend to prefer OC over fan-based, unless we use our own characters anyway. But your character seems nice, so we can just use her and go with that. :) I don't have many fairly interesting species of characters- most of mine are human, though I've used my first female character I ever made as half-vampire once (not the sparkly kind, mind you). So that may or may not turn you off- I'm not sure. But if not, I'd really enjoy doing something with you. It seems like it'd be fun. And I can at least give you an idea or two, depending on the time-frame of her life and the like.
  3. Awesome! I prefer OC anyway haha. Well you don't have to be a supernatural if you want to use another (The vampire part doesn't bother me at all) And twilight vampires kind of remind me more of pixies than vampire to be honest xD I would love to hear your ideas! I'm good as long as we are in modern times haha she is literally 25 for age (Sometimes i forget to add that little detail sorry)
  4. No, you did add her age- though you wrote 21, so it's good to know. Hrm...My idea was based on while she was being pressured into the family's restaurant, because I have a girl who might work well for it, since she loves cooking and potentially could ease that burden, but clearly has burdens of her own. If I alter her age a bit anyway, it'd make more sense that she normally lives with a six year old (that isn't hers biologically). Though if we don't, since your character Amber works with mechanics, she might ask her for help with some sort of machine that wasn't working? Trying to come up with a meeting method. The main difference in Chloe than Amber is that Chloe is the type who uses her bubbly appearance to hide her emotions, helping others while succumbing to her demons naturally. No one actually can usually tell what's on her mind.

    Then again, Miyu does love manipulating people, and she's a klutz, so...that could work to her advantage if used. But I like Chloe more for this.
  5. well Technically she's 25 she stopped aging at 21. I like Chloe from the sound of her. Chloe could be having a car problem and Amber's shop was the closest to her? or Chloe is applying for a job at one of the restaurants?
  6. The second one is most likely. Chloe tends to dislike cars, since she dislikes standing or sitting still. Also, do you have a general age you'd like her to be? So far I'm guessing 21-25, roughly.
  7. you would be right with the age. Is there anything you would prefer?
  8. Anything I'd prefer in what sense? If by age...I'll probably just make her 21 because I like the number. Or whatever age would be fresh out of culinary school. I forget the normal age for that.
  9. I forget to, I mean like plot wise or anything like that