Anyone up for a Pokémon RP?

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    Hey all!

    Alright, gonna keep this one basic since there's a few different plots we could roll with here, but I thought I'd throw this out there.

    As all my fellow Poké-Fans know, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the beloved franchise. "The Year of Pokémon" will see the arrival of Pokkenn Tournament on Wii U, the newest instalments in the core franchise, Pokémon "Sun" and "Moon" version, and also the release of the original games on the 3DS Virtual Console (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow).

    So, to hold myself over until the release of the new games, I thought it would be a fun idea to launch a Pokémon themed RP!

    But before we get going, I'm gonna list a few 'rules' that will pertain to this idea;

    1. Instead of the traditional 6, I always allow up to 8 Pokémon in an 'active' team. That doesn't mean you have to fill your team completely, but it gives us a bit more flex room (as some trainers choose to keep Pokémon out of their Poké Balls. Ergo, they can carry 6-7 'in ball' Pokémon, while the 8th rides around with their trainer outside).

    2. Combat will be mediated by either one of three ways; Dice Rolls (1-3= Miss, 9-10= Critical Hit, 4-8= Varying levels of damage), GM decision making (meaning I'll decide who wins/loses the battle, but if I were to battle then I'll allow my Co-GM (or another player if me and the Co-GM are fighting/I don't have a co-GM) to decide who wins what, just so I don't always favour myself. But even if it's just me, I try to be fair and I know what beats what).

    3. This RP will feature an entirely new region. The potential for 'Fakémon' to show up is pretty low as of now, but if we decide to throw in a few new Pokemon (aside from the obligatory new Legendary), then I'll add a few.

    4. Pokémon has grown up with its audience, and that's something I always liked. They still appeal to newcomers, but they're just as loyal to the veterans who managed to 'catch 'em all'. Even the Trainers are beginning to get older, with the 'newest' trainers from X/Y being slated as 17 (according to Internet discussions/interviews with the creator/clues in the game and ignoring the fact the anime makes everyone 10). That being said, this RP will continue that trend, allowing the ages of our characters to be anywhere between 17-19 (that's a large enough gap for being 'young' before we start getting into proper 'adulthood').

    5. While I'm not against seeing familiar faces turn up in these RPs (old gym leaders like Brock/popular game characters such as N), I WON'T be allowing you to play pre-existing characters (ex. Red/Blue/Yellow/Leaf, May/Brendan, Dawn/Lucas, etc). However, I WILL allow you to use certain player character appearances (assuming you request to use them, but I'll provide a list of definite "no" characters later on).

    6. The word 'starter' is being very loosely used here. You can pick any of the 21 'official' starting Pokémon, or, you can pick one of the 668 current Pokémon (that number is the total roster without legendaries/event Pokémon). However, be mindful of what stage in their evolution they are (if we decide that our characters are just getting their starter, it's unlikely that any of them would have a Charizard at the beginning of the RP).

    With those out of the way, let's get into the idea!

    The general concept is more or less your standard Pokémon game. Focusing on the 'team' Rival system that X/Y had, the 4-6 of us would have either recently gotten our starter Pokemon/decided to head on a Pokémon journey of our own. We could have varying reasons for doing the journey (becoming a Pokémon Master, winning lots of contests, entering the Poké-Film industry, training to be a Gym Leader/the new Elite Four Champion, learning the in's and out's of Pokémon breeding, or even just to further increase the bond between yourself and your Pokémon). Along the way, we'd come along a group of baddies who have some kind of sinister plot (perhaps we bring back Shadow Pokémon, or we can decide on a 'team goal' later on), but more or less it would be a fun 'road trip' kind of RP where our characters all bond along the way and we have fun with various side-plots and enjoy telling a unique and fun story within the world of Pokemon.

    If that's not your cup of tea, then we can always discuss various other ideas to roll with! However, I'd prefer not doing anything set in a historical context (ex. Medieval/Feudal Japan Pokémon) or something akin to the Mystery Dungeon franchise (mainly because my fancy right now is on the 'trainer' stories and not the 'Pokemon/Gjinka' stories).

    But I'll be accepting about 4-6 people for this RP, so just let me know if you're interested!

    Also, post your starter Pokémon down below so we can reserve you at least 1. OR, we could try something new if we decide to open the RP when we're getting our starting Pokémon, where I lay out 6 different starter Pokemon (assorted from each region) and you all pick at random which Poké Ball you take, making your choice in starter Pokémon completely random (and if you're not as happy with your selection, you can opt to exchange it either with another player or with the 'Professor', who will give you a list of 3 additional Pokémon to pick from).

    If we go with picking our starter Pokémon, my starter will be good 'ol Pikachu!
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  2. Ok I'm interested but im not sure if my starter pokemon will be accepted.
    Bee Drill
  3. I actually forgot to add the fact I was taking Pikachu as my starter, it was added into the first post literately a second ago xD

    That is, if we PICK our starters instead of doing the 'randomized' selection.

    But if you wanted Beedrill, you would have to start with Weedle.

    As for Onyx, Scyther or Ditto, I'm not sure about them. They seem like pretty powerful starters, but we can leave it up for discussion.
  4. Well I put them down because I'm not really good with pokemon that's just some pokemon ive started with in other Rps but if they are too strong I may take Weedle and try to evolve him up maybe get my other ones at a later point.
  5. That sounds fine to me! It's not that they're 'powerful' per say, it's just that 3 out of the 5 you listed didn't have higher evolutions (Scisor exempted, because it's difficult to get one without trading), so it kind of eliminates the whole aspect of 'growing alongside your starter'.
  6. I kind of figured that which is why I put Sycther instead of Scizor and onyx instead of Steelix but if I can take Onyx instead of Weedle ill take that one since I have more experience with that pokemon in RPs.
  7. I'll think it over and let you know what's up, my biggest issue is that Onyx is a LARGE Pokémon to have as a starter. But I'll leave it open to discussion in case anyone else who joins up wants to pitch in their two-cents.

    But I know exactly where you're coming from, so I'll try to be accommodating while being fair to the idea.
  8. Yea sorry if I'm a problem its just my other Rps I had a Steelix to start out as well as higher pokemon like Beedrill Scizor and even mew two.

    So I'm pretty sure Mew Two is a no go.
  9. Yeah Mewtwo's a legendary, so he's out of the question. Sorry.
  10. Which is why I didn't even list him.
  11. Is Eevee a valid Starter Choice?

    I'm iffy about Pokemon RPs that start too bottom... can we start at any town?
  12. Yep! It is ^^

    Too Bottom?

    And the idea was we would all start in the same town, but what did you have in mind? Neighbouring towns, or are you thinking towns that are completely on different sides of the map?
  13. I'd like a pokemon RP, but honestly, starting right from square one I don't think will work. Since it's an RP, you have to give people a reason to stay involved right from the beginning, but when that beginning is even including what essentially amounts to the tutorial levels, I think it's likely to die. The problem with Pokemon in an RP format is that there's an awful lot of walking around. You have to constantly trigger new events or people get bored - just as the anime will introduce new and usually completely irrelevant side-plots every episode despite them really just walking down a road. As an RP though, constantly triggering a new irrelevant sideplot the moment the previous one is completed will become tedious very quickly and may cause disengagement if people feel they're getting nowhere with the actual plot. On the other hand, having them only beat all the gyms in order would be too quick. As an RP, you can't have the wandering aimlessly to catch pokemon thing that the games do, because it's boring for everyone else to wait for someone to wrap up a description of them stumbling around for ages. Additionally, waiting for pokemon battles to conclude is boring too, so dice won't work for that. Whatsmore, we've all played the games, we know what it's like to start from a starter and work up. Most pokemon RPs have to let people use any pokemon they want (excluding maybe the super-legendaries) or some of their players may start off only half invested, because people like to shake it up a bit and try something new.

    Unrelated note, do you have any ideas for this new region yet or are you still planning it?
    Unrelated note, is that Zelda RP going to be a thing or did you drop it?

    So basically, what I'm trying to say is:
    • I don't think forcing a start from absolute zero and working up is a good idea (individuals are perfectly free to do so if they want, but others may wish to start with more advanced pokemon and I feel you should let them as long as they can create a convincing reason that they have stronger pokemon, and can find a way to balance it - disobeying orders for example, like traded pokemon do)
    • Dice will stagnate battles as they will force a constant stream of one-liner posts. I recommend rolling only one dice at the beginning to decide who will win (the one who rolls highest wins), then have the players involved do a collab post using PMs and paste it in only once, to prevent the thread becoming cluttered with one-liner responses. You could also factor in level and type into the dice roll using modifiers. EG: Anna is using a level 20 Onyx against Bill's Level 15 Squirtle. Each rolls a 10 sided dice in an OOC post, Anna rolls 12, Bill rolls 12. Level threshold is 3 (a pokemon within 3 levels of another can easily defeat it). Onyx is 5 levels higher than Squirtle. 5-3 (threshold) = 2, so Anna's roll has 2 added to it, total 14. Squirtle is a water type, which beats Rock, so has 2 added to its roll. Onyx is also a ground type, which is weak to water, for another +2 to roll. The end results are 14 for Onyx and 16 for Squirtle, so Squirtle beats Onyx. Anna and Bill then make a collaborative post using PMs and fight out this battle, then one of them pastes it into the IC thread, making any necessary edits.
    • Limit the number of PVP battles that happen, and let PVE battles carry out without dice rolls to vastly improve speed - because let's face it, PVE in pokemon is really easy and we'll storm through it. You can always say at the top of the post whether the battle initiated in that post is against a particularly difficult enemy after all, and people can damage themselves as necessary.
    • The fourth point was the most important one so I'm really annoyed that I forgot it...
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  14. Yes the Zelda RP is still a thing :3

    And I'll provide some proper responses to that post later, Internet's being finnickey.
  15. Finicky. Now there's a good word. People need to use it more often.
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  16. So, I was wondering if we were allowed to have the same starter as someone else, if it's a pokemon such as eevee since eevee has 8 evolutions. If not I'd like growlithe as my choice.
  17. Sorry about the delay; internet went out for a few days.

    But in terms of having the same starter, I think it might be easier to keep them different since it prevents confusion.

    But Growlithe sounds good ^^
  18. Okay thanks, and it's no big deal, always worry about irl before the world of roleplaying
  19. If this hasn't started yet and is still going to be a thing. I'd like to leave my interest here. but first I must ask, can we have more than one starter poke'mon on our team? an example being if some one wanted to mimic red's team? (not that I'm going to do that but I would like to make a team with fire, grass, and water types) but I am flexible if the answer is no.
  20. So is this going to be a thing or?
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