Anyone up for a onexone?

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  1. To get this started, I'd like to say this roleplay is based off the many Manga or Anime that is located in a Japanese high school. Sort of like how it appears as any other school, but has all of these hilarious and ridiculous moments.
    We would both have three characters, and I would like for me to play three males, and my partner three females. I think it would be better and have funnier moments that way.

    There would also be character development before dating and sex if possible, but I need a person that can easily change from silly and happy moment to.. sexy times.

    I want someone who has good grammar, posts often and is very active, and is easily adjustable for things. Two or three sentences each post is required for me.
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  2. Bump. Changed it a little.
  3. Bump. Sign me up.
  4. Name: Name: Cherie O'Connell
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 6.5ft
    Weight: 140 pounds
    Biography/History: Cherie was born into a troubled family, with her older brother Stephen committing vandalism, and her parents Mary and Troy O'Connell on the brink of a divorce. When she was three, they finally split, and her brother turned to drugs. He spent most of his time at rehab centres after Cherie's mum found out, so she grew up without him around most of the time. Two years later, her mum remarried a wealthy corporate owner named Tony Whinchelsea, and Cherie warmed up to him quickly. He turned the family around, and Cherie's household became a happy one. To this day, her family has remained happy, and she spends holidays at her Dad's house and her brother comes to visit once a month. Cheerleading has helped her get through her hardest moments, and she is currently the captain. She is very athletic, but not doing to well in her classes.
    Looks: THIS

    Name: Yu-Shin Aung
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 135 pounds
    Biography/History: Yu-Shin and her mother moved from China when she was two. Her father had died from cancer, and her mother moved so she could get some work in her field of microbiology. She is a single child, and her small family is quite wealthy. She isn't fluent in English, and wears traditional Chinese clothes, as does her mother. She strives to do the best in her subjects, but is still only average. She gets along very well with her mother, as long as she is an obedient daughter.
    Looks: THIS

    Name: Alison Craig
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 6.2ft
    Weight: 150 pounds
    Biography/History: Alison was taken away from her alcoholic single father when she was six. Her mother had disappeared not long after she was born. She grew up with her foster parents Mr. and Mrs. Carter, and their young son, Andrew. Alison is always getting good results, and her father, who she visits once a fortnight, is very proud. He is fighting to get over his addiction for his daughter. Alison spends most of her time at school, and generally babysits 4 year old Andrew in the evenings. Her foster parents let her stay out when she wants, knowing she is trustworthy. She longs for companionship other than her host family.
    Looks: THIS

    Anything I need to fix up?
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  5. They're all very tall. xD

    Plus, Yu-Shin should know english. xD
  6. Well, she can speak English, just not that well
  7. I'll change it to 'can't speak English fluently'
  8. They're still all pretty tall. Haha.
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