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  1. Hello there!

    As you know, I'm looking for some new partners to RP. I only do MxF or MxM, and I'm generally ok doing either genre, but I do have some preferences in specific plots. I reply a few times a day, almost everyday, with some exceptions due to work or college. My UTC/GMT is -3. About threads vs PM, PMs please. Another thing you should know it's that English is not my mother language, so I may make some grammar mistakes from time to time. It's not something that should be a trouble, because I can guarantee you'll understand my posts, but if you are a grammar nazi, you might not want to RP with me. Finally, I don't do smuts. I can do, and crave for, some sexual content, violence, gore, cursing and whatever. Just no explicit smuts.


    - I need people that write something in between 1 paragraph and 4. According to your writing length, I'll adapt myself.
    - Let's add some romance, please. I don't want any RP based on romance, but at least a small dose of it is a must.
    - I want active partners. Fast replies are aweeesome, but I'm okay if you give me an answer every one, two or maybe even three days.
    - +18 roleplayers please
    - I might refuse some offers after checking RP resumes if I consider we wouldn't be good partners.
    -No anime physics.
    Sorry for that, but I won't force a RP if I just don't like your writing style.

    Most of the things I can think of are pairings, but don't be afraid to ask me about your own ideas.

    Some plots:

    Plot #1: Vigilante
    This is an idea that has been on my mind for a long time. It's about a human vigilante (someone like batman, or green arrow) with great skills that has to take care of a city full of crime. (He could also have some super powers, but nothing that makes him invincible). Of course there's a girl involved, but instead of the vigilante saving her from some bad guys, she will be saving him. He gets really bad injured during a fight and is left unconscious on the streets. The girl finds him, and as she knows calling an ambulance would be the same as delivering him to the police, she takes him home and takes care of him by her own. Later on she will keep helping him cleaning the city in any way she can, even though he will refuse at first. Anyway, this would have a lot of drama, adventure and action.

    Plot #2: shifters
    The basic idea is making two shifter enemies, which would fall in love in their human shapes, not knowing about each others identities. My idea was that one of them just found out about his powers and starts using them to fight crime. He/ she runs into the other one who's a criminal and tries to stop him/her.


    The ones in bold are the roles I want. And the * are the RPs I want the most. Ask for plots about these pairings if interested.
    • Shifter x shifter
    • Vampire x Hunter
    • Superhero x Human *
    • Thief x Victim
    • Criminal x Police officer
    • Psychopath/ schizophrenic x mentally healthy person
    • Psychopath x Psychiatrist
    • Therapist x Client
    • Robot x Human *
    • Rich girl x Bodyguard
    • Prisoner x Prison Guard *
    • Prisoner x Prison doctor ***
    • Prisoner x cellmate
    • Runaway x runaway
    • Runaway x cop
    • Runaway x normal citizen
    • Human x supernatural creature
    • Princess x dragon (shifter)
    • Princess/prince x Prisoner
    • Arranged Marriage
    • Master x Slave
    • Orphan x Murderer
    • Street orphan x rich girl/ boy
    • dying x friend


    (I don't do gay couples with straight characters)

    TV shows

    Game of Thrones
    • Jon Snow x Daenerys *
    • Jon Snow x OC
    • OC x OC
    • Oliver x Felicity ***
    • Oliver x OC *
    The walking dead
    • Daryl x Beth ***
    • Daryl x OC
    • OC x OC
    • Dean/ Sam x supernatural OC **
    • Castiel x OC demon

    • Dexter x OC


    Resident Evil 4
    • Leon x Ada
    • Leon x OC
    • Leon x Ashley
    • OC x OC

    That's all, folks. If you are interested in roleplaying with me, just post here or PM me (:
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  2. Vampire x Hunter interests me, if you don't mind.
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  3. Totes willing to play Sam or Dean for you in exchange for a Canon character for me.
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  4. Still looking for a few more partners (:
  5. Aaaaaand still looking
  6. List updated!
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