Anyone up for a Metro 2033/Last Light RP?

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  1. I have noticed to my dismay that there is a certain lack of Metro roleplays here, and I would really like it if there was one, so I'm wondering if anyone is interested in such a setup. I have no story set up, but I figured that someone might want to help with that if this is going to happen. I would also like someone who is an experienced GM, as I am not. I don't have much in terms of ideas, I'm just checking if anyone is interested in cooking something up.
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  2. I love the idea of Metro and seeing it being put into a roleplay. I'd love to join this.
  3. Never played 2033, but I played Last Light and loved it. I'd certainly like to take part in a Metro RP.
  4. Right, well, ideas, I have an idea. For the story, at least. For Metro to work, we need to have the world be wasted so we can do some cool underground travelling while also being able to explore the ruined service. Kind of give it a mystery/survival feel to it. As for what happens to our characters, I have a few ideas. We could either go with the alien route and say that the alien's are up to something, but the humans don't know what. We could say that other humans are up to something and that it's pretty concerning for us and that we have to do something about it. Or like, the last idea I have is like, something mysterious and strange is happening to us and we don't know what, but we have to find out because paranoia about the unknown.

    So that's about all I have to offer right now. I'm leaving it pretty open so other people can come in with ideas and contribute and we can make this thing as a team. I know a lot of people out there who might be interested in this will bring in a lot of cool ideas for like, factions, monsters and ruined areas to the world. For the GM part, I'm willing to help out as much as it is within my power. I really hope this picks up and we get something really cool with this.
  5. Well, I do have a story that we might find a way to evolve into an rp. It's a plot for a Metro fanfic that I never got around to writing. It takes place about 18 months after the events of Last Light, for those of you who have played it. This means that the Metro 2034 canon goes out the window, though.

    Anyway, story is this: although D6 was successfully defended from the Red Line invasion, the Metro is now more unstable than ever. With the death of General Korbut and the toppling of General Secretary Moskvin, as well as the great loss of manpower and military equipment in the battle of D6, the Red Line has started to crumble. They have already lost three stations - two to the Reich, and one which declared itself independent, only to quickly get rolled over by Hanza. The Reds are not about to roll over and die, though; they are still a force to be reckoned with. Polis has also lost a great deal of power after the Spartan Order was nearly wiped out, and has now been reduced to a militia led by experienced veterans.

    Anyway, while this is all going on, there are rumors of a nuclear powerplant outside Moscow, still functioning, and capable of giving power to the entire Metro. A prospect as terrifying as it is wonderful, as power to the whole of Metro would mean light and life for all, but the ones who controlled it would control the Metro. I guess for the RP, the players would be sent out to find the reactor, going both through the Metro and on the surface. They wouldn't be the only ones though, and will have to fight through hordes of mutants, bandits, Nazis, Commies and even Hanza.

    It's an idea.
  6. I could see that working.
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