Anyone up for a massive ORIGINAL superhero universe?

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Which name do you like best for a Team Up?

  1. The Zeroes

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  3. Unity

  4. The Destined / The Destiny Protocol

  5. Other/Neither.

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  1. Hello all!!! So I got to thinking, everyone has craze over Marvel and DC (TeamDC!!) All day, but I KNOW that there are others like me out there...that has that internal nagging at wondering what it'd be like if you created your OWN superhero/villain/anti-hero and established that character in a new and original universe! Well, the time has come, and I'm looking for only the most interested and dedicated rpers to help me build this new and massive universe! I'm thinking expansive in every sense of the word. Originality, Creativity, Wow factor, etc. You have the power to create your own storyline with an all new character! If anyone is excited about this as I am, PLEASE feel free to respond! :D

    ~ And yes, I DO plan on forming a main universe team to rival that of the Avengers and JLA from Marvel and DC....haven't got a name for them yet, but that's because I need characters!

    I NEED YOU!!!






    ***LASTLY, HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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  2. Well, you got me.
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  3. This would be cool.
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  4. So we can make our characters here and then when I get the group up, copy and paste them to the character page :"]

    --------MY CHARACTER---------
    (Try to follow my theme)

    Name: Grace Aria White
    Age: 17
    Blood Type: O-
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 116 lbs
    Occupation: Senior at Mecca City High School; Volleyball Player.
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Alignment: Good - Heroine
    Heroine/Villain/Anti-Hero name: Pure

    Traits: Loyal/Honest/Compassionate/Intelligent/Adaptable
    Flaws: Aloof/Reserved/Paranoid/Melodramatic/Pretentious
    Interests: Knowledge, Wisdom, Romance, Sports, Relaxation, Games, Beach.



    (Celestial Mode)


    Abilities -> Angel Soul; ability to access angelic powers via some angelic grace possessed in her soul.

    Pure is an angel among men, her spiritual essence is angelic. She is a hybrid of human and angel, and has supernatural abilities on an angelic level. Some powers might be dormant due to suppression of her human side, and may have to be unlocked.

    • Limited Biological Manipulation - Since Angels took part in the creation of the universe/everything, she can mildly manipulate her DNA to cellular variations. Healing, regeneration, code altering, etc.

    • Empathy- She can sense the feelings of any and everything, even the feelings of higher beings.
    • Elemental Manipulation- She can manipulate every single element, even dark matter. However this is limited to manipulation, the only element she can create and produce is light.
    • Celestial Transformation - She has the ability to channel her angelic soul to produce light based celestial quanta, capable of turning her hair color and eye color either white or crystal blue while radiating light, ethreal aura.

    • Ethereal Physiology- She can transform into a celestial angelic state (hybrid) with intense channeling.
    • Flight- With the soul of an Angel, the she can fly at varying speeds.
    • Limited Invulnerability- She is invulnerable to most harm that isn't done by her power.
    • Psionic Manipulation- She can utilize every single power of the mind.
    1. Telekinesis
    2. Telepathy
    3. Clairvoyancy
    4. Clairaudience
    5. Clairsentience
    6. Limited Pre and Postcognition


    Grace Aria White was born and raised in Mecca City, Kansas by her father, Marshall White. She was a peculiar child, having never cried as an infant but always smiling and seemingly perfectly healthy. She began walking at the age of 7 months, and began speaking at 1 year and 1 day old, doctors called it a "modern marvel of life". However she was a quiet child, only speaking to her father and no one else. She began to open up in Serenity Beach Elementary School where her teacher, Mrs. Marsden counciled with her and showed her kindness. Grace was always a straight A student, she had recieved a B in 8th grade and went on a rampage when she got home and even teared up. Many thinks she's a perfectionist, but really she's just critical of herself. It wasn't until that moment that her and her father both realized a shocking truth: she was special. In her abrupt emotions, an incident occurred that can't be explained by any expert on the planet, and it's something that the two have kept secret until current day. Grace is different. At 15, she began to put the pieces together; her not crying when little, her rarely getting tired or hungy, she all tied it to her mother. When she asked Marshall about her, he only refused her information and said "your mother isn't coming back, I don't even know if she's alive." This stared Grace's quest to find out as much as she could about her mother, it was the only way to know for sure if she had some disease or mental disorder. Now she's a senior in high school, and not so isolated anymore. She may be different, but she's still a human being...or, what she finds out in the near future will jump start a history that nothing could ever fathom.
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  5. Unfortunately, my problem would be narrowing it down. I've got a whole comic book universe in my head I've been itching to make real, and like, eight or more superheroes. Only one at the moment has a properly good archenemy though.
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  6. Appearence (open)

    Name: Blaine
    Age: 29
    Height: 6'5
    Weight: 234
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Likes: Fighting, peanut butter, the color green.
    Dislikes: Weakness, vegetables

    Personality: Blaine has been often depicted as a harsh, unforgiving anti-hero, some even go so far as to call him a villain. He is a blunt man, speaking what is on his mind regardless to whom it is he is speaking with. He has no true loyalty, except for to himself.

    History: Blaine was born on Earth x1, in the year 2124, on March 20th. His childhood was nothing out of the ordinary, being born into a middle-class family in New York city, Brooklyn to be exact. He was by all means a "loner", seeing others company as nothing more than a burden. When he was thriteen years old, he was in an event known simply as the "Square Garden Massacre". One of the first recorded super powered beings went on a rampage in the iconic district, killing eighty three people, and wounding dozens more. Luckily Blaine was unhurt besides a few cuts and bruises. This was the first time the child had seen such power, such greatness! The assailant went by the name "Metamorpho", and though Blaine didn't know it at the time, that person would become one of his greatest trials.

    Having had a glimpse at this previously unseen power, Blaine decided he was going to strive for power of his own, and perhaps one day achieve his own 'greatness'. From then on he performed to the best of his abilities in everything he did. Having A+ marks across the board in his schooling, and being in phenomenal physical conditioning, he chose to join the military at 18 years old. He excelled passed everyone in boot-camp setting new records in training exercises, and in the classroom. Doing as well as he did, he entered the army as an officer, immediately being forced to lead a squad of twelve men, most of which were older than he was. Age didn't matter in his eyes, as he earned the respect of his subordinates in the blink of an eye.

    Ten years later at the age of twenty-nine, Blaine was still active in the military, and had gained a remarkable reputation as a Ruthless, cunning soldier who always got the job done. Finally he was given access to top-secret information, and projects the government was conducting. One of these project was a suit, designed specifically to mimic the abilities of the villain known as Metamorpho. They called it the "Xenosis Mark 5". It would enable the user to be able to perform marvelous feats such as flight, super-human strength, speed, and even boasted shielding technologies never before seen. After laying his eyes on it for the first time, Blaine knew he had to have it. And so, he took it by force.

    After stealing the Xenosis suit from a base known as Area 52, he became a prime target of the U.S Government, and branded a traitor to the nation he had been serving for over ten years. The thing was, however, Blaine didn't care. He now had the power he had craved since he was a child.

    Electricity Manipulation - Xenosis user can create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons) which give the user control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism.

    Super-human Strength - Possesses the ability to perform feats of great strength, able to lift objects upwards of five-hundred tons.

    Speed - Thanks to the Xenosis suit, he is also able to move far faster than the average human being.

    Shielding - His suit allows him to take damage that would kill an ordinary person with relative ease.
  7. you made another one?
  8. Ok! Posted my character at the top of the page!
  9. yup, wanting a big group
  10. Um...Can I ask for a regular character sheet to make setting up a character easier?
  11. if i were you use Ch0sens for a example
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  12. Name: Natalia Elmore
    Age: 17
    Blood Type: AB- (why does this matter?)
    Height: 5' 5"
    Weight: 116lbs
    Occupation: Former patient of the State of Massachusetts Mental Institution, currently living in the care of her aunt.
    Sexuality: Hetero/bi-curious
    Alignment: chaotic good
    Heroine/Villain/Anti-Hero name: Asylum

    Traits: Intelligent/Creative/Empathetic
    Flaws: Mentally unstable/Trust issues/Shy
    Interests: Knowledge/Peace/Putting herself back together

    Appearance:[​IMG] Natalia looks like this, with a few differences. For one, there aren't any flowers in her hair. For two, her has three powder blue streaks on the right side. And third, her eyes are always wide open, like she's surprised by absolutely everything.

    She doesn't have any means of hiding her face. She simply doesn't care about that. Her costume however is something quite unique, which reflects her experiences in life. She wears a straightjacket:
    [​IMG]But the arms of it have been removed and the coat's pulled open, the straps fastening it around her torso and chest and nothing else. Underneath that is a typical hospital patient's uniform, reminiscent of the one she wore at the institution:
    [​IMG] It's a paler blue, to match the streaks in her hair. And finally she has at least six hospital wristbands wrapped around each arm:

    Abilities: Natalia is a witch, or sorceress. While it's not really a superpower, one of her most important abilities is that she gets reincarnated when she dies, and every time she does she grows up looking like herself. It's important for a magic user to do this, because learning power takes more than one lifetime.

    The abilities she uses according to her spell book:

    VAWM: The power of movement. This goes beyond telekinesis, granting her the ability to make inanimate objects move in very simple ways. A ball, for example, can be instructed to bounce all on its own without her having to consciously control it. This power also includes teleportation and access to magical gateways.
    EISU: Clairvoyance. This ability is almost impossible to control, limited to her own personal future, and very hard to understand. It also grants her the ability to communicate with someone telepathically, but only if she gets their permission.
    INNI: The power of transformation. For one thing, it's how she changes her outfit; she simply transforms the clothes she's wearing into the ones she wants. But this gives her a far broader power. She can change one element into another - glass, for example, into gold.

    There are other magic words in her spell book, but she hasn't mastered it all yet.
    Bio: As a sorceress, Natalia has lived many lives. It is in the nature of such magic users to be reincarnated into the infant nearest to their spell book - and they are always reincarnated into themselves - so that they might find it again and pick up on their education where they left off in their previous life. Unfortunately for Natalia, the last time she was an accomplished witch was during the Salem Witch Trials. Her spell book remained hidden in the old village, and she lived many lives without it, slowly forgetting bits of her magic over time.

    Her current incarnation was born in Salem - modern Salem - and during a school trip to the little town she discovered her long lost book. It is rightfully hers - its magic means only she can read the pages and understand them.

    She was young - twelve - when she discovered it. She quickly took to it, studying it in secret, growing more confident and more powerful by the day. But she was so kind that this power could not corrupt her, and she used it sneakily only to benefit those she thought she could. Still, her obsession with the book unnerved her parents. She tried to win them over with feats of magic, showing them some of the amazing things she'd learned to do in hopes that it would win them over. It didn't, and only frightened them more.

    They couldn't accept what she was, and couldn't bear having someone so strange under their roof. At fourteen they took her to the state mental institution, where she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and a bizarre fantasy-themed delusion. They visited her - at first. First once a week. Then once a month. Then, slowly, they stopped visiting at all.

    Her doctor hammered away at her psyche. You can't treat a sane person as if they're not. That will only cause damage. She was given drugs to edge off her mind, and subjected to repeated sessions of calm, level-headed attacks on her world view. Still she resisted. During her moments of lucidity, she frightened the nurses by changing her padded cell into an infinite space. Objects would move and stack themselves when no one was looking.

    She was stuck there for three and a half years.

    It had taken that long for her aunt, and Guide, to get the necessary paperwork and custody agreements from Natalia's parents. Just as there are witches being reincarnated, so too are there Guides, people without any magical power, who inherently find magic users and offer them friendship and help. They are not always reincarnated as themselves, and they don't always have the same sorcerer to attend to, but they instinctively know about magic and always find a sorcerer to assist.

    Now her Aunt Cherie, her Guide, has custody of her, and she's trying desperately to make the young sorceress whole again. She has lapses in concentration. In her less lucid states she doesn't have access to her powers and she's not sure what is real and what isn't. This can lead to occasional outbursts of breaking things she's not sure are even really there, or the less dangerous but more worrisome comments about her false reality. Half the time she goes through her days thinking she's dreaming. She is slowly recovering, but the doctor had done a number on her mind and the damage shows.
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  13. need a pic, sorry :/ we need to be a visual bunch. And blood type matters, I think in detail. For instance, in a battle your character bleeds and that blood is leaked into someone giving them unstable effects or powers, or your char may need a transfusion. Never know.
  14. My character's going to be a witch. Her blood doesn't contain her powers at all. I'll...try to find a pic of her human form, but I invented her outfit, so I'm not going to be able to represent that.
  15. Well you need a alter ego and superform pic, so if you invented it then take a pic of what you drew and upload it. And her blood doesn't have to it's still needed to know for secondary purposes.
  16. Okay, the drawing's not finalized (or even in the same building) and I don't know how to do that. It's mostly just a sleeveless straightjacket turned into a long coat. Can't I just show pictures of parts of the outfit and describe the changes?
  17. Sure! As long as you post a pic of the character to apply it to, that'll be absolutely fine :)
  18. Have a bio, but it's crazy long, so I'm doing this in sections. Her story's actually really sad, though. What do you think of pictures and powers, though?
  19. YES!!! I'M IN!!! I'll make a char sheet later, because I have to narrow it down to one of my many ideas of the super powered beings I've ever thought of.
  20. @Quiet One it looks fine. Gosh we have SO many magic users!!! I can't send you the group invite until her bio is finished though
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