Anyone up for a Hunger Games roleplay?

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Are you interested?!

  1. Totes- I like the regular Hunger Games idea

  2. Totes- I like the Twist idea

  3. Totes- But I have posted a comment with my own idea of a twist

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  4. I'm interested, but not sure if I will join

  5. No. I'm too busy at the moment.

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  6. No, I don't like the idea.

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  7. Please provide more information (I may or may not know what the Hunger Games is)

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  1. UPDATE:
    Here is the link to the new sign ups/OOC.

    A hunger games roleplay- or maybe with a twist or two. Not really necessary but I was in this one roleplay that was pretty much the hunger games but it had a twist.

    The Twist (open)

    Not required for the roleplay but if people want it we could throw it in.

    What we did was that the Games took place in a world that had 'mutants' in them. They were in the lower half of society, and they were usually slaves. You could get a small chance of being thrown into the Games, where if you win, you win your freedom. Each mutant had a super power they could use in the Games.

    In addition, the goal wasn't to kill everyone. It was to accumulate points. There was a list of tasks and each participant had a number, and then the GM would use a dice or a random number generator to match a person to each task. Each task would be like "Kill so-and-so" or "Don't touch the ground for a whole day" or whatever. You complete your objective, you win a point. You fail, you don't win or lose one. The Game would last for a month (in the game) and then the winner is the one with the most points.

    That way the characters didn't necessarily HAVE to die. And it was funner, with added magic powers :P

    A little drone would approach each person and tell them their task. Tasks were given at the start of the day, and you got your new task as soon as you failed/completed one. If you were stuck on a task like "Injure so-and-so" or "Kill so-and-so" you would be given a new one after approx. 3 days time.

    The twist, as said, isn't necessary. We could do it classic Hunger Games, with districts and two characters from each district. Since we would need 24 characters, people would be expected to play more than one (2-3 depending on how many people we have playing) and you would be expected to be active.

    That said, we also need characters to die during the Cornucopia bloodbath, so any unfilled character spots = Cornucopia deaths.

    To determine who dies, we could have volunteers (if you feel your character MUST die at that given time), inactive people (if you're inactive for x time or you want to quit the RP, a GM could hijack your character and have them die off next), or use a dice/random number pick.

    The idea would be that the winner is picked randomly.

    There could be a few GM's to help decide on the setting of the Games, the weapons provided, food, etc. and then outside of the roleplay members of the website could pop in randomly with the Sponsors Gifts. Like Diana could just show up and roleplay in a gift to somebody in need.

    Could be fun. Lemme know if anybody is interested, and if you'd be into the twist or not, or if you think we should do a different type of twist or whatnot. Once I get about 5-6 people interested I'll make an IC and official sign ups.

    ALSO if you'd like to be a GM post saying so as well.

    If you don't know what the Hunger Games is, I've provided some info below.

    The Hunger Games (open)

    The Hunger Games! The awesomesauce trilogy by Suzanne Collins that I AM OBSESSED WITH.

    Basically it takes place in Panem, what is left of America after a war or disaster that is not made entirely clear. Panem is split up into 12 districts, and the Capitol, where all the rich people live. Each district specializes in something; wood work, mining, fishing, etc.

    After there was a huge rebellion (causing the decimation of the thirteenth district), the Hunger Games was put into place; every year, 2 tributes (one male, one female) from each district would be randomly chosen to enter the games. The tributes were ages 12-18. You were entered into the pool of possible tributes once every year with the entries being accumulative; that meaning, when you are 12, your name is in once. When you are 13, it is in twice, and so on. However, most of the people in the districts are poor and barely scraping by, so the Capitol offers Tessarae, a meager portion of grain and fuel in exchange for entering your name in more times. You can enter your name in for tessarae as many times as there are people in your family, but these are ALSO cumulative. If you have 3 people in your family (including you), then when you are 12 you would have 4 entries, and when you are 13 you would have 8 entries (the normal 2 entries, plus the 3 from last year, plus the three from the current year).

    Once picked, you go to the Capitol where there is a BRIEF training period (you get a few days to play with sharp weapons and learn how to build fires) before the Gamemakers watch you perform individually. They give you a score that is televised. This helps you get Sponsors. Sponsors are rich people that give you gifts during the games to help you survive. The gifts come down from the sky in little parachutes.

    Also before that there is a fancy parade in which your fancy hairdressers and clothes-doers dress you up and make you look cool in an outfit that fits your districts specialty (you might be dressed up as a tree if you come from the lumber district).

    There's also a fancy interview with a creepy dude that dresses in different colors every year. You get all dolled up and try to make a good impression on the sponsors.

    Then they ship you off to the arena, and inject a tracker in your arm so they can find you at all times. Arena's are build specially for the games. They are enclosed domes usually, filled with any matter of things; it could be a desert or a forest or a beach. They also are set with all sorts of traps the gamemakers can activate at ease; i.e giant fireballs shooting from trees. Everyone rises up into the arena from underground around the Cornucopia, which is FILLED with goodies (usually food, medical supplies, weapons but it can change from time to time). You have to wait on your platform for a minute before you can leave (if you step off early, there are active mines that destroy you immediately) and then you are let go to do whatever.

    Idea is: YOU KILL EVERYONE and win. If you win, you get lots of money and you get a fancy house in your district. Oh, and you have a new job; every year you have to train the next tributes from your district! Yeah. You'd be called a mentor and your job is to train the new tributes and help them survive!

    Every night in the arena they show the dead in the sky and whenever someone dies they boom a cannon.

    This is all televised.

    It's also involuntary.

    And really sad.

    But sometimes really fun to roleplay.


    There's also Quarter Quells. Every 25 years there's a fancy Games in which the rules are all changed. There is a special (preset) new condition: I.E, double the tributes, no weapons, whatever. It's a fancy new rule to make the games more exciting, but only happens every 25 years.

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  2. YES I am intrested in doing a hunger games rp with u :D
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  3. Cool! If we can get a few more people I can set up an IC.
  4. Yes yes yes yes yes. <3 Yes.
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  5. Maybe two more people? And I'll make an IC. Come on, guys!

    I know all of ya'll out there want to roleplay the Hunger Games come on I have cookies
  6. Nobody else? Anyyybody?
  7. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!
  8. If any of ya'll know a few people who might wanna join, invite them too!
  9. Oh I'm for sure interested!
  10. I am creating an OOC and sign-ups, probably will be posted tonight or tomorrow afternoon. So let everybody know if you have people that are interested! Hope everyone here is still interested.
  11. I'm interested I also like the twist idea it's unique and different.:)
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  12. Alright.. I'm almost done with a OOC/sign ups for normal Hunger Games but now we've got people interested in the twist one, so I'm not sure how I'm gonna do a final vote.. but suggestions are open if anyone has any. I might put another vote under the General forum topic or something.
  13. im defo still intrested in doin this rp with you hun Xxx
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  14. I'm defiantly still interested.
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  15. Still interested!
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