Anyone up For a Group Doraemon Roleplay?

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  1. To be frank, Doraemon is one of the best things to exist, ever since that cliche toast.
    It's a Japanese anime that was mainly targeted toward the kid audience, but is actually watched by millions of people of all different ages from across the globe.
    In Doraemon, there are 5 main characters.
    Doraemon: A robotic cat from the future who instead of having a stomach, he has a pocket. In the pocket are tools that make the world a better (sometimes a worse) place.
    Nobita: A dumb and lazy young boy who would rather go on an adventure then do his homework! He gets into all sorts of mischief.
    Shizuka: A kind and pure hearted maiden who absolutely hates it when a boy comes into her tub when she's showering! She goes on adventures, but is nowhere as adventurous as Nobita.
    Gian: A boy who appears to be rough and quite honestly, he is! He has a ear ruining bad singing voice, and can cause a lot of problems for Doraemon and Nobita!
    Suneo: Gian's best friend, and sometimes partner in crime. He is almost always seen with Gian, and comes from a rich family. He can be cocky and self absorbed at times.

    They are all best friends.

    I would like this roleplay to have the characters be older. In the anime, they were mostly in 4th grade, but I want to feature these kids in high school.

    If any of the spots interest you, POST A REPLY BELOW.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.