Anyone up for a game of werewolf?

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  1. "Have you ever wondered what goes bump in the night?... Ever hear a howl so blood curdling, you to scared to move?...Do not fear child, tis just the werewolves, coming for you!"

    Thats right, I said it, werewolves. An amazing game which I love to play. The main skill used in this is deception. No matter what everyone is a villeger, but some have prayed to the great werewolf spirit, and have been blessed with the ability to change their form into that of a werewolf. While others went onto higher education and can cure you of your ailments, or have been around for so long that they have been granted the use of visions.


    Villagers: Everyone is a villager, no matter what other role you are given, you still put on your pants like everyone else, one leg at a time. This is actually one of the most important roles in the game, because this is where the deceit comes in. Families will be arranged. You are given one vote a day, and when a majority have voted then the party being eradicated will be killed off and their role will be revealed.​

    Werewolves: This game is based on you, at night you will select one of the villager to kill off, during the day you will try and throw the other villagers off of your scent. You're the deceitful bunch that seek to kill off all the others, and to kill everyone for victory. There are more than one, depending on the size of people interested there could be three or four.​

    Seer:You are granted the gift of sight, every night you are allowed to look at one person to see if they are a werewolf or not. If you pick right and get a werewolf it comes to the choice of "Do I want to reveal I am the seer, and become a target of the werewolves?" Only 1.​

    Doctor: You are have gone onto higher education, and have the ability to heal those who need it. Every night you will be chose someone to heal, no matter what they make it through the night, even if the werewolves decide to kill them, they will live. You can also chose to heal yourself so that way you can live to see the next day. only 1.​

    The game "Werewolves" is an amazing game to play with a giant crowd of people, and when I say that I mean 25-31. It's a two turn based game, a day and night cycle.


    The night:The game begins in the night cycle, when the devious and bastard werewolf children come out. What will happen first is the werewolves will chose who to kill by PMing the moderator, Most likely me, who they want dead. After Comes the seer, where they will be asked who do they want to see. You're only allowed one vision per night so make it count. Then comes the doctor, who can heal anyone. If they save someone from being killed by the werewolves then the moderator, me again, will post "Someone has been saved"​

    The day: After the first night, and someone has been killed, or saved all the villagers meet in the town square and discuss who was killed and who did it. I highly recommend introducing yourself to everyone. "Hi, I'm Geoff and I am the town woodcutter." So that everyone can meet you and know about everyone and their jobs.​

    Court: during the day everyone will be given one vote, it doesn't matter what role you were given. Everyone will then proceed to vote on who they think is the werewolves are. When a majority agree then the person is killed by the townspeople, and their role is revealed, so they have a chance of finding the werewolves.​

    These turns go back and forth till either all the werewolves are killed, or all the villagers are killed or its a 1:1 ratio, 3 werewolves x 3 villagers. Town roles can be given out along with families. Leave a like or post something so I know what you think.
  2. I'm in. :3

    Though I do feel the need to note, there's already an RP group that does this monthly in case you're interested.

    Also, fitting music for the werewolf game. :3

  3. This looks interesting. I want in! @Sen, get in here with me :P
  4. So this hasn't already started? I love this game! A role I've used to have though, the Mushroom (or whatever). At night, he/she chooses a person that can't speak (and therefore not defend themself), otherwise they die.
  5. I've never played with that role. Might be nice to try, mind giving me some more info on it though
  6. While I've only played this game in person, the mushroom seems like more of a role for those games, especially when the mood's light, and accidentaly letting out a giggle is more than common.

    Basically the GM one might call it says that the person of the Mushroom's pick has been mushroomed (or whatever), and so everyone immediately starts pressuring that person to speak.
  7. Basically eve one is trying to get them to talk. Gotcha
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  8. I'm in!

    Another nice role if we get enough people is the Doppelganger. It's a role where you choose someone in the crowd, and then, whatever they are, you become as well.
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  9. I also played with one player as an Arms dealer who may, as long as he/she is alive, kill one person once in daytime.
  10. That doesn't sound like an Arms dealer. That just sounds like a straight up murderer.
  11. Fair enough, that was just what we called the character at the time.

    @Raddum and @Chapatrap, get over here.
  12. Either way they still seem good, but I would have them do that at night.
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  13. What about Doppleganger?
  14. I could see it in use, if you all want this to happen, we're going to need more people. I mean a lot more. I like playing it with a lot of people.
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  15. Yolo, I'm in.
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  16. Five people so far so all we need is about 20 more.
  17. I tried playing ToS but just couldn't. Get. A. Grip. On. It!!!

    But uh.... Sure, haven't had a game night in ages. (btw thanks for tagging me)
    EDIT: how did the apostrophe get in there?
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  18. Oh? Me? Tagged for something that isn't a troll?

    I mean, I guess...
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  19. I've never played something like this before, so I want to give it a try. Is that alright?
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