Anyone up for a Furry RP? Please post ideas below!

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  1. Same rules as above but make it like TV-MA LSV. Nothing too adult like non-stop sex and cursing.
  2. I dunno. Furry sex is pretty kinky...

    Hows about a kingdom/empire/general nation ruled predominantly by furries (futuristic or medieval, it's up to you), with humans as a second class or completely non-existent? Or maybe a high school inhabited mostly by humans but with some furries mingling in, and them as second-class citizens? Option A is more action-packed, option B is more like a social RP.
  3. @Falcon We may need to do that just in case the RP gets a little...too out of hand. But I'm Trying to Make The RP (according to the RP Content Rating on L:2 S:2 V:3(maybe even a 4, if possible!). Maybe if you could watch the thead and play in it, it would please both sides of this RP.

    @Mr. V I'm thing more of a modern day Option A plot with a steampunk setting if it's okay with you.

    BTW @Falcon I love the Falcon is awesome. But I'm more of a plot cat than a bunny. Just saying.:bananaman:
  4. < had to look up the ratings reference

    If you're talking about this:
    Then I'd say that that would qualify as libertine content and I will be happy to move this thread for you if your RP partners are comfortable with that.

    The other option, if you think there won't be that many sexual scenes, is to make sure all your players are 18+ adult members (pink star above their avatar or "adult" listed on the member card) and put any such scenes in a spoiler tag with a content warning.

    [Spoiler=Libertine content inside] content of post here [/spoiler]
    Libertine content inside (open)
    content of post here

    Violence and language is fine, though you might want to put a content tap on your thread just in case. Iwaku is pretty good about letting people RP what they want as long as the age restrictions aren't broken ^^

    As for the invite, thank you, but furry is not really my thing. (Neither is libertine content to be honest)

    If you have any other questions or need help or something feel free to ask :)
  5. Honestly, i dont like that stuff. Maybe another RP? You choose the type. @Falcon
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  6. Let me get back to you in the morning when my brain is actually working. ^^
    That'll give Mr. V a chance to reply too.
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