Anyone up for a bro/sis rp?

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  1. Hey guys, is anyone up for a brother x sister roleplay?

    We can work in some twists and turns throughout the rp, to keep the plot going on the mountain chart, instead of a flat hill with no interesting things going on.

    To start it off, I'm wanting it to start with a brother and his little sister. I want there to be an age gap, but not too big or too small. At least a five year's difference.

    The reason is that they live together, at the brother's house. After their mother's/father's (idk which lol) death, the other parent spiraled out of control with drinking, leaving for days at a time, etc. So the sister, my character, was asked by her brother to move in with him. They were close before, but they're even closer now.

    Over time, the brother finds himself seeing himself with his baby sister. He wants to introduce her to bdsm, as well as other things (whatever you want to include). He knows it's wrong, and tries to fight it, but he finds it hard to fight temptation.

    So, anyone up for it?
  2. I might be interested
  3. Cool! By saying might, I assume you're thinking about it lol. :) If you are for sure, just reply again on here or PM me! (:
  4. I really like the idea. Pm me? Please so we can discuss it?
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