Anyone up for a bit of boy lovin'~?

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  1. Hi again~!

    So, reading/watching doujinshi about Nezumi and Shion (*) got me thinking about....a kind of plotless RP???

    Basically, I wanted to RP a couple when one is extremely experienced (kissing, cuddling, love in general) and the other one doesn't know a thing/is quite innocent.

    I don't know, just a thought. [shrugs]

    We can probably make a plot out of it, if that's what we decide on.... [rubs chin thoughtfully]

    Anyone interested.....?

    (*Nezumi and Shion - Main characters of the anime No. 6.)
  2. This sounds like a pretty cool idea. Mind me being the one to enact it with you?
  3. I don't mind it at all~!
  4. I would love it if I could be the innocent one that doesn't have a clue about love/romance.
  5. Sure!

    I need to practice roleplaying a Seme anyways....

    Want to work out the other details here? Or, in PM?
  6. PM would work better for me.
  7. Okie dokie. I'll message you. c: