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  1. hI I'm gonna try and be social, for once

    Hi!!!!! I'm a person on a planet called Earth, I am very antisocial and shy (especially on the internet, idk why??) and I hope someone will roleplay with me! Or at least talk! ^v^ keep me company because I have 0 friends anymore.

    I do mxm tbh
    please don't hate

    Anyway! I'm interested in many things, I'll go with about anything, really, but here are some rp's I have in mind which might change?? I'll bold role I'd rather have.

    Dragon x Human

    Kelpie x Human

    Angel x Demon/Human

    Selkie x Human

    you can totally suggest because I really don't have anything atm

    we could just do two humans if you'd rather do that?? lmaooo

    I honestly don't know

    I don't have any plots (because I'm a terrible person, I'msorry ;-;)

    and I do
    I've never done it and imsorry but it makes me uncomfortable af

    im sorry im so bad at this stuff

    im still learning, so..

    ;;v;;' dhaodgdofhdlxbdldhsodhsodd hi aodvdlx chin ofvdldvsdb???
  2. Hi!! Gosh, you posted this like exactly when I was browsing this section. I'm totally up for a roleplay, and I do mxm a lot, so....yep! I love the selkie x human idea. I also have plots and stuff you could look at ig??

  3. screams :'00000 hihi!!! xDD

    Yeha!!! Selkies are p cool. And sure, I'd love to hear your ideas. Or read? Yeah, read. c'

    Thank you for talking to me aaaa I'm so happy
  4. I'll pm you!!
  5. Hello. I'm interested in AngelxHuman if this is okay. I love mxm. Since you highlighted both I don't mind either way, however I would not like to be a demon because I have plenty of roleplays currently playing the demon (besides one where I'm a human, but still). If you are able to please pm me, if not I'll be glad to pm you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.