Anyone remember that movie Knowing?

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  1. This has been my favorite theory for the downfall of modern civilization! Thank you for sharing it with others.
  2. The thought of being burned to death is scary. ;__;
  3. Someone hold me.
  4. That film was great until the spontaneous plot-twist ending.

    That part fucking sucked.
  5. I'm scared and I don't even LIVE in the US! D:
  6. I agree with Grumpy.

    The movie was great but the ending sucked.
  7. Isabellas like the ending.. for once the world could not be saved!

    All so this song sorta reminds Isabellas of it

    Ensiferum - From Afar

    A raven came to me,
    Spoke to me in my dream.
    A long lost prophecy,
    A forgotten legacy.

    Echoes of yesterday,
    Won't let these dreams fade away.
    All the beauty I adored,
    At the edge of the world.

    Across the universe,
    Time is to be reversed.
    No shelter can be found,
    To this fate, we are bound!
    Behold the final hour,
    The last times will be dour.
    All life falls into gorge
    Of the end of the world!

    "Burning skies
    On the vengeances night.
    Devastating scythe,
    Of the ancient Light."

    I saw the might,
    Of the ancient Light!
    And the beauty of the perishing world,
    There's no tomorrow.
    We have been warned.

    "The sky's bird struck fire,
    Made a flame flare up.
    The north wind burnt the clearing.
    The north-east quite consumed it:
    It burnt all the trees to ash and reduced them to dust."