Anyone play Minecraft?

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  1. I love playing Minecraft on the iPad - I make myself a huge underground Dwarf city, and it's amazing :) Does anyone else play Minecraft?
  2. Don't even know what that is.
  3. I occasionally play Minecraft on Xbox 360 with my brother! He's also been very gifted with Legos and Lincoln logs and those types of engineering/architecture type things, so I'm not as good at building (or surviving!) as he is. But just today I built my very first mini-castle all by myself, complete with fireplaces and an observatory! It's really not as impressive as it sounds, I promise. :D
  4. We were once very proud of our tree house, until strangers roamed our lands.

    They blew everything up. Even our tree-top garden and farm.

    We had no choice but to return the favour.

    We blew up their city, and left them a message.

    And since then, we have not returned.

    We were, for a while there, on the Techit servers. Odd wonders were made.
  5. I used to play minecraft a lot, but I had kind of lot interest and began to play less and less. I might go back and play it again now!
  6. I love playing Minecraft! If you ever wanna swap pics of what you're building, I'd be down for it. :3 I like getting feedback.
  7. I dont play it but ya know...
    This isssssss a nice thread you got here! :D
    *blows it up*
  8. I am a fan, I havn't been able to get on to much with school and such but, I have a couple projects that I have been working on piece by piece.
  9. I never saw the point in it until i got dragged in to playing it with my partner on the xbox 360 its some thing we do while we waiting for alerts to come up for our role plays at the moment his making a train track across the whole would and i am building a church with a grave yard. but i hate the creepers :)
  10. I used to play minecraft all the time. I ran a clan of around 20-25 individuals for around three years. ^.^ We played pvp survival servers (with plugins), and we also just liked playing normal survival servers. You could probably still find our clan recruitment thread on the minecraft forums. We were called The Protectorate. The clan gave birth to The Last Battalion, The Vanguard, OIN, and a few other clans. lol
  11. I am a drawf and I'm diggin a hole, diggy diggy hole, diggin a hole
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  12. I started out with Minecraft in beta infancy. It lost it's appeal fast.

    As it turned out I was more a Terraria man.
  13. ...Everyone is talking about this! ...Damnit.. now i wanna poke at it..