Anyone play minecraft on Xbox?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lewi, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Looking for some fellow people to play with! Got a survival server up and running. XD Figured I would invite my fellow Iwakuvians to play with me. :3
  2. I play Minecraft but have no Xbox anymore where I used to play it. Funny story though:

    Took me three weeks to finish my project on there and you know what happened?

    Five creepers blew it up.
  3. They love my house on there lol
  4. That they do. Then I brought those creepers to my roommate's castle (roommate at the time was a jerk) and they blew his up.

    We had a horrid glitch because they cheated on it. They duplicated soooo much crap on there that it made the whole game iffy.
  5. Lord. I've had no one on there get blown up but me and it's happened 18 times. :(
  6. 18? Whew man they must just love you. I set up four barriers around another castle I built and they still broke through and let in skellies and spider (god I ate spiders, you could just hear them out there waiting to suck your soul out).
  7. Yeah! lol. Skeletons are a bitch to kill.
  8. The arrows are killer. But I found a way around them by making an underwater mansion
  9. lol awesome! Will have to try that.