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  1. Ideas for those interested in a romance (i enjoy yuri and yaoi also)

    Idea 1) One of our characters is a rock star in the making. The two characters themselves are childhood friends and live together. However, the rockstar is off having a great time while the other is working their butt off to support the rockstar. Eventually the rockstar decides to move out and throws the other away like a used tissue. Now the other wants revenge and decides to join the rockstar rival business via singing, acting, dancing, whatever it takes to reach the rockstar's level and get back at them. I call this a romance because it's highly possible that the rockstar may not have entirely gotten over the other. It's confusing so if you have questions, don't hesitate to PM me. Also there will need to be a third character. The third character is the rockstar's rival and a potential love interest for the other. (meant for boyxgirl)

    Idea 2) A one gender academy. Two people meet up at the academy. One character is perhaps cool and really mellow or laid-back while the other is a new student at catches the laid back student alway off on their own. However the lone student is apart of a clique that is popular amongst the academy. The group the character is apart of own the school because there parents put forth the most money into the school. The clique how power over everyone in the school so to speak. This may require one person to act as a few characters. The member of the clique are all really attractive. (this is a possible yuri or yaoi)

    Ideas for those interested in a fantasy

    Idea 1) The government has decided to close off a section of society and control it entirely. Our characters will live there and try to escape. The section of society controlled by the government has futuristic technology and every so often to control population will kill off the old or the sick. The goal of the government is to create the perfect society where everyone is happy and for a while it seems like that, but everyone there is gone in the brain. Our characters are the only sensible ones and that is the reason they are trying to escape. When I say gone in the brain, everyone in the society is programmed to think that the government is always right and that you should obey them without question.

    Idea 2) I am looking to do an old fashioned fantasy with dragons and knights. Two people are on a quest to find answers. However, both of the characters what answers to different questions or do they? This depends on our characters. Anyway there is a witch whose name is Sereza that is said to hold the answers to life's greatest mysteries, your personal life mysteries specifically. The problem is that Sereza could be anyone, anywhere at any place, and any place at any time. And when I say any time, I mean time travel. So if Sereza has time traveled, that means our character have to collect time fragments to travel through time and chase after the witch Sereza while fighting dragons, goblinoids, ogres, etc.

    Ideas for those interested in Action

    Idea 1) What's a better nonstop action roleplay than two ninja fighting an army of a shogun because the Shogun has done Japan an injustice? In other words, our characters will fight hoards of enemies and may even start out the roleplay fighting. There will be a plot, but the main goal is to kill the Shoguns and gain the support of villagers and the buddhists (who have a considerable amount of power). Our ninjas get one special power that make them unique. No god modding... as tempting as it is NONE

    Idea 2) Fighting our way through zombies with guns. I'm game for roleplaying something like that. Objective is to get to the boat that's going to get us to the only virus free place. Australia. That boat leaves in four months. Keep that in mind. Because if we don't make it... we're done for... I assume everything else is self explanatory...

    If you have any questions, send me a PM. If you are interested, please post here. ^_^
  2. I would love to do number 1 under fantasy. It sparked interests in my mind and if your interested PM me and we will discuss it together.
  3. I have PM'd you