Anyone looking for a modern Teen Titans RP?

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Is this idea interesting? If so, would you join?

  1. Yes, and I'd love to join!

  2. It's interesting, but I'm not going to join

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  3. No, good luck though!

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  1. Okay, so here's what I'm thinking~

    Instead of the TT's fighting crime being the focus of the RP, they'd be trying to survive the scariest thing known to mankind... HIGH SCHOOL *dun dun dunnnn* Here they'd train and hone their powers to grow up into crime-fighting superheroes!

    Along with the five, we'd include some of the villans in as well (going to a rival high school: HIVE high. Very creative, I know) such as Terra, Slade, Jinx, etc. and it'd be all about the rivalry between both schools, from academics to sports to "my powers are cooler than yours!" "Really? Prove it!"

    Any thoughts? Interest? Helpful comments and suggestions on how to improve the idea? Let me know!
  2. I am so interested in this!!!!
  3. I'm interested! If you're still doing it ^^

    So, plans have suddenly changed in my life *sigh* and it looks like I won't be able to for now :(
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  4. Sounds like fun. So it would just be canon characters?
  5. I'd be interested!
  6. I'm interested
  7. I'm interested as well
  8. mee! JUST A QUESTION; are OCs allowed? or characters inspired by canon but slightly altered/canon characters slightly altered?
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  9. *jumps up and down* I wanna I wanna me me me!!! Over here!!! I so want to do this
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