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~Looking for partners for MxM story plotting~



I'm looking for more aggressive style partners, people who are equally willing to help shape the plot with me and who can write at least a paragraph for each reply. Maturity is a big deal as well, since I enjoy roleplays that delve into the darker and more intense aspects of life.

I am looking to explore the darker side of roleplay and need a partner who is comfortable discussing possibly disturbing and sensitive topics.


Any interested partners must be able to take part in constructing a plot and play dynamic characters (both tops and bottoms). I'm not looking for someone who is only going to play a very submissive bottom character. Being able to be dynamic is VERY important to me. I like playing multiple characters and side characters, I would like my partner to do the same to keep the story rolling. I also like to reply fast, doing at least a small paragraph per reply.

I prefer partners who enjoy playing Top characters


Preferred Genre:


Anything and all BDSM
Other Kinky things etc.
Elves are always sexy
Supernatural Beings

Things I won't Do:
Anything against community guidelines


Character Types That I Play:
Badass Uke (Most Common)
Dramatic Uke
Innocent Uke
Sadistic Seme
Don't Fuck With Me Seme


Common Roleplay Scenarios:
character A is kidnapped and held hostage by character B
character A works in a castle under the King character B
character A works in a brothel that is owned by character B
character A is a pet that is owned by a vampire/incubus character B


A big plot idea I've wanted to do for awhile

~The Merchant's Toy's~

~Basic Plot Summary~

In the dystopian, Neo-Victorian world of Reie, slavery is the main trade and brings in the gold. In the castle city of Terra, Character X (Your character) is a wealthy slave merchant who works under the King of Reie. It isn't until now that the merchant has decided to take a slave or two from his stock to torture himself...

~List of Kinks~

The plot focuses primarily on BDSM, Domination, torture, sadism, kidnapping, and bondage. I personally have few limits so they will be discussed individually with anyone who is interested!


-I want my characters to be the Merchant's slaves in this plot
I plan on having other dominate characters who will own slaves for those who are interested in having submissive characters as well

-I plan on playing a straight female slave, a gay male slave, and a gay male dominant. I am uninterested in doing FxF scenes

Please private message me if you're interested in doing a roleplay!
Thank you!
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I would love to make one of these with you. I have been looking to be a sub for a while, so we can have some fun
Updated information and still looking!
Your plots seem interesting, I'll do anything in the fantasy genre im much more of a story writer then I am a well yaoi writter