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  1. I've always loved Pokemon and I've been wanting to do a role play with some Pokemon fans. I'm a complete geek so I would really love it if someone was interested. If you love Pokemon and would want to do a rp of it I would love to know you so pm me or post here whatever you would rather do!
  2. I'm down for a pokemon RP. Would love it for a small group.
  3. A small group one would be fun if we could find others interested. Got any friends that would want to?
  4. ME. I'm definitely interested.
  5. ME TOO! I've been itching for a pokemon RP that won't die
  6. Guess you got your answer, OP.
  7. Sweet! I love Pokemon so much so I think a group rp would be interesting. -goes to plotting-
  8. Can't wait.
  9. (Guess I will post it here.)

    For as long as all the world can remember Pokemon have existed alongside humans, looking to each other for strength, hope, and courage, there are many different people in the world and just as many different Pokemon, and finally today, you'll get to meet the Pokemon you've dreamt of since you were young. In this world Pokemon choose their trainers, it's been a good turn for the world of Pokemon because for centuries now there has been peace, no one to truly threaten the world that you live in.

    As Pokemon now choose their trainers the age limit is a broad spectrum but for some reason you yourself have had to wait until you were 16, 17, 18 years old to have a Pokemon by your side. You never understood all your friends had left long before, except you and a few others. You and your friends still in town have all had to find jobs, apartments, and lead boring lives thus far. Have you given up on being a trainer? No of course not, but it's starting to look darker and darker to you.

    Then it happens there's a tap on your apartment door, you think it's a friend, but no, at your door is a Pokemon Professor, the Pokemon you've kept dreaming of in his hand. It's amazing and to you feels like a miracle.

    That isn't entirely the case though the Pokemon Professor has heard about something dark rising far far away from your home region of Kanto. The Pokemon Professor has come to you to ask for help, and because it's finally your turn to become what you've always dreamed. So, what type of trainer are you?

    Before I give a CS format I want people's opinions in this idea, it could still use some improvements so feel free to make suggestions!
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  10. It's not bad, though I think i'd be a better idea if it was a Pokemon professor who knocked on your door and offered you a spare pokemon (that of the player's choice, perhaps, or randomly picked by the creater? just ideas). I just couldn't imagine Pokemon knocking on random doors looking for trainers.
  11. That could work too. -changes- although personally I think a Pokemon would be smart enough to do that. Oh and since it's like that the Pokemon won't listen very well to the trainer. Besides you don't have to be one of the late bloom characters you could have been one of the Trainers long since started resting in Kanto.
  12. I was just putting in my two cents. The other way works just as fine, I was only giving an option.
  13. I didn't mean to sound rude! -bows apologetically- I'm sorry!
  14. No, no! You're good! Haha. No worries.
  15. Oh oh sorry besides if I didn't like your idea I wouldn't have changed it...
  16. if we only consider the original red and blue version I am in :)
  17. I'm down for a pokemon RP, I have loved the series since I first played Yellow :3
  18. Yay! More interest! -is totally surprised-
  19. If I may offer my advice.

    Even before making the CS, I think you need to lay out ground rules. I'm thinking these are the main questions you need to answer.

    1) The rp sounds like it's based in Kanto. Does that mean players can only have pokemon that would come from the Kanto region?

    2) Mega evolution or no?

    3) Dark, steel, and fairy were not a part of the original types. Which would you keep? (If any?)

    4) How many pokemon in total will players have? (Do you want them to only have one and bond with it like a partner? Team of three? Six? As many as we want?)​

    The answers to these questions may cause people to join or bail, but I think it is important to decide on them now rather than later.

    I am interested based on the answers you give! And I like the plot idea so far! (^.^)
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  20. The region is Kanto yes, but there are Pokemon I love from the other regions, personally I would at least want to use up to Hoenn's Pokemon. (Ralts fan girl) that doesn't mean you can't have just one region's. Pokemon, but in the CS you need to make it a point of saying your from that region.

    Mega evolution is cool, but also an incomplete thing, I want to know all the Pokemon that can mega evolve before I involve mega evolution so I have to say no.

    Dark, Steel, and. Fairy would be included... All three they balance out the Pokemon, and I... I can't remember the original weak and strong table... Besides I like all three types.

    Pokemon in total, no more than six, as a regular team, you can have less if you like. But in this don't forget, Pokemon have to choose you as the trainer, if one is given to you, it will not want to listen to you until you earn it's trust.

    Does that cover your answers?
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