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  1. Im looking to do a 1 on 1 with a female partnet. Please be able to write atleast a few paragraphs. Umm....Thinking about doing a magickal realism. Probably going to be a present based rp. You can do any magical being or human you wish. Just please don't do anything like " Oh im an angel who's half demon, but then again im part lycan to from my fathers side..." It gets old...So please just something simple, instead of covering up all your features with physical, why not make a more mentally stable character? Who's not going to try to kill himself because he's " half blood " or something stupid like that.

    And sorry for the rant in this little request, I just want a serious 1 on 1 partner who's not going to be an immature thirteen year old about making a character.

    Im sorry if this offends anyone, im just looking for an rp partnet who is MATURE......

    Love you all still,
  2. -Raises hand- I'll volunteer. Most of my charries don't have mental issues ^^
  3. That sounds wonderful. Umm do you have any idea what char you might be using? It would give me a better idea on what to use lol, and what type of storyline im going to start up.

    And thankyou, i've needed a decent rp <3
  4. Hmm.. -looks into my black hole of characters-.. I have a water element user that's pretty easy to get along with? If you're up for more of a challenge, I have a few ladies with nasty tempers XD It's up to you really. I'm incredibly indecisive :x

    And you're welcome! <3
  5. A challenge would be a good way to get me back into my RP flow lol. I think you should start off with one of them. If you decide though, give me a lil back ground info, or like characterisitics, so it will be a little easier to think up a setting for this wonderful thread thats starting to unfold XD
  6. Sorry about that, poofed for a shower xD

    Okay let's see.. I have Aralyn, a fire user who doesn't quite have control of her abilities yet. She tends to be defensive because of it and has a fierce temper if provoked, which doesn't take much.

    I also have Dravani, who isn't a challenge because of temperament because she's actually quite sweet. She just doesn't speak English XD

    I have Kaida, who lives with a large group of dragons and has never had human contact other than the poachers who dare wander that far into the mountains, whom she kills to defend her family. She's violent but incredibly loyal.

    I have Isis - I don't recommend her xD - She's the demoness of winter and tends to seduce any male she finds and kills them after getting them in bed. Bad temper, no conscience, basically no redeeming qualities xD

    I have more too, but I figure I shouldn't overload your choices x3
  7. I love your choices <3 and I would love to see more of them lol, sorry if it gets annoying but im a little OCD when it comes to rp. If you deal with it, I'll just love you even more though! XD
  8. Okay - Just remember you asked for this! xD

    Kade; A blind kitsune girl. Challenge other than blindness: She's a child.

    Lexie; Human girl with trust issues. Challenge; Drug addict, abusive father that she lives with, whoring.

    Livadia; Shy kitsune. Challenge; Agoraphobic.

    Rosalyn; Confident shapeshifter, used to be a model. Challenge; Can't control her transformations.

    Girl; Vampire just now escaping captivity, where she wasn't allowed to have a name, hence the name 'Girl'. Challenge; Nontrusting, skittish, paranoid, etc.

    I also have dozens of characters that I have pictures for, I just haven't made them into full-fledged characters yet because I haven't had a reason to. The rest of my characters are all either weird mixes or have a lot more severe mental issues, which we're staying away from XD If you have a request, feel free to shoot it my way because I can make one just for you :3
  9. Awe thats sweet <3 if you wanna make someone knew for this, than your more than welcome. :D But if I had to request one it would be Girl.
  10. And if you like to make it a bit easier, we can do char sheets if you want..
  11. I don't mind using her ^^ I actually haven't had a chance to use her other than in my mind XD
  12. Lol well i'm sure she'll be a great character, so what about the character sheets, yes no?
  13. We can if you'd like to, or we can jump straight into the rp mostly blind xP I told you, I'm indecisive xD
  14. And I love it lol, so yeah thats fine. I'm gonna get the thread started, might take a minute. Lol
  15. That's okay, I'll be patient! ^-^
  16. It's done love.
  17. -Goes to find it and post-
  18. Okay, I posted. It's not as long as I wanted and took ages since I got distracted repeatedly, but I hope you like it x3
  19. Sorry I just got back and read your post, im posting now, and I have to say, I am so happy that you were the first to reply to the request. For sure, couldn't of found a better partner to RP with <3
  20. Well that's just silly, there are loads of better RPers on here than I am.. But thank you anyway ^_^ You completely made my day <3