Anyone interested?

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  1. Okay, I really want to do a Modern Horror rp with a bit of romance, but I'm not so sure on the details exactly. I have a character I want to use for it, and I was hoping that if anyone is interested we could mesh our ideas together. I'm not picky with what kind of roleplayer you are. Just as long you don't write one-liners (unless the situation calls for it) and have good grammar. PM me if you want to know more or are interested!
  2. Well, I'm pretty much new here, so sure. I do a future/modern sci-fi/fantasy weird sorta combo.

    But there is definately horror in it and I am sure we'll get along swimmingly, I just gotta remember who has which personality.

    There are about 4 males I RP as.
    And 3 females if I'm correct

    Wow, I'm such a horrible writer I can't even remember my own characters XD

    But I see you're anime based, so we should get along nicely in terms of the setting.

    ... Why the fuck am I rambling again? (I hope you don't mind a little MA+15 maturity if you take me up.