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  1. Hello, Wonderful people of Iwaku! I'm Foxy and I'm looking for a few things to roleplay! :3
    I only have a few of rules, which are:

    1. No one liners, please. I send two paragraphs at least, so give me something to work with!
    2. Respect my triggers and limits. I will respect yours as well.
    3. Help plan the plot! I like OOC chat, and while that isn't necessary I do enjoy planning rps with people and making sure we all know what's going on in the story so we don't spring things on each other.
    4. Be willing to double.
    5. I enjoy romance, all of my rps have romance in them. As such, I prefer to rp with 18+ partners because it makes me comfortable.

    I am open to pretty much anything. I like Action, Horror, Drama, Angst, ect. But at the moment I am craving Fandoms. >.< A few of these Fandoms are:

    One Piece
    (I would love for someone to play Trafalgar Law for me. I can play anyone else for you!)

    Danny Phantom
    (Craving Pompous Pep. ._. A good Vlad x Danny rp would be perfect at the moment)

    Ed, Edd, & Eddy
    (KevEdd all the way!)

    These are just a few fandoms that I enjoy. I would love to rp a few others, but these are the main three I'm craving! Here's a list of other's I wouldn't mind doing:

    Star Trek
    Marvel (Mainly the Avengers Movies. Along with the Captain America, Iron Man, and other movies.)
    Blue Exorcist
    Sherlock (BBC)

    And a few Originals:

    Ghost x Demon
    Supernatural Hunter x Supernatural
    Super Hero x Villain

    I'm welcome to pretty much anything in terms of couples. MxM, FxM, FxF. All of it is fine with me. :3 Though I'll admit I haven't done FxF too much. Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you! Either send me a message or leave a comment here! Thank you! :3​
  2. Supernatural hunter x supernatural, MxF?
  3. I have a good plot in mind here
  4. I'll do KevEdd with you
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.