Anyone interested? Multiple ideas awaiting!

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  1. Rules
    You must be able to post ATLEAST once a day, I understand if you get busy just let me know)
    I don't do sex scenes, nudity is okay though
    Not a huge fan of romance, but I will do a little
    If you don't want to RP anymore, just tell me

    My ideas!!!

    Pokemon- a just a regular journey, I don't really want any teams get involved so just a journey with a few trainers

    Master and slave- I would prefer to play the slave, but I could play the master if you wanted, basically the standard master and slave RP that contains no romance

    Lab- a couple of guys are stuck in a lab where the scientists torture them and perform experiments on them

    I only play males, and I like when my partner plays males, I just find it easier for them to interact :)
  2. The lab idea definirely sounds intruiging. If you're interesting in discussing details for the plot, PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.