Anyone interested in Mad Scientists?

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  1. Alright so basically this is just a dumb interest check but,
    I love myself some well thought out mad scientists, so any criteria for joining this group will be somewhat strict because of that, but here's the basic idea.

    All proper scientists are part of a scientific community which actively shuns those who have strange ideas, to put them lightly. This is common knowledge. Any scientist with a questionable practice or hypothesis is immediately put under scrutiny and they are more than often labeled as crazy.
    After you kick out enough people whats to keep them from getting together and doing science their way together. Brilliant minds working together on rather questionable projects in questionable ways. Mad scientist stuff, like reanimating corpses and dabbling in things like alchemy to get their end result.

    The rp would take place in the peak time for mad scientist, which everyone knows, was the 1800's between Frankenstine in 1818 and Dr. Jekyll in 1886, its clear to see that the Victorian era was prime time for mad science.
    So the setting of this rp will be a historical one.

    "Mad" Implies crazy, or insane, and rather than opting for the "oh they're just a bit strange" thing I would enjoy it if some people who joined could do proper research and create characters with actual mental illnesses. However I would not like to see people just saying they looked into the illness/disorder and then portraying it poorly is not cool so if you aren't willing to spend time on that just make them quirky and weird and you wont be hurting anyone.

    anyway this probably doesn't read all that well because I just sort of spat it all out without going back and editing it, but that's the basic idea.

    Oh, and one last thing, I've been throwing the idea around of the initial reactions between the scientists to happen through letters they are sending back and forth, but I'm not quite sure how to work that. If anyone has any ideas about this let me know! Also if anyone could give me tips about what forum this would go into, either scifi or fantasy (bc there will be fantasy elements involved to some extent)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.