Anyone interested in a Youtuber's Party RP?

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  1. There are beauty gurus, gamer gods and goddesses, comedians, and those who speak on social issues.
    I've always played people that were made up on my own, and so I thought it might be interesting to do a little fantasy party in which youtube is holding a giant event for those with a million subscribers or over. The details aren't finished but anyhow it may be interesting.

    People that may be interesting to play here might be:
    Michelle Phan,
    Smosh Brothers,
    Toby Turner,
    Vlog Brothers,
    Ellie Fowler,
    Cryaotic (which I would prefer to play),

    And obviously if people want to play their significant others we can include them as well. What I mean by that is Pewdiepie has a girlfriend CutiePieMarzia and Cryaotic has a girlfriend Cheyenne, Michelle Phan has Dom, ect. That could be invited.
    I dunno, I think it would be fun because i know there is a little drama between the you tubers, like Cry hates Onision and some people really dislike Pewdiepie and Michelle Phan for being "stuck up" or "money hungry". So I dunno. It might be interesting to try.
  2. Hello this seems pretty interesting. Have you ever heard of Tom Syndicate or "TheSyndicateProject"? He's by far my favorite youtuber
  3. Yes I have actually! Im not personally subscribed though!
  4. Would he be a valid character in this? I've been watching him for years and would live to play as him here
  5. Of course if more people were interested!
  6. You could also do Markiplier or Jenna Marbles.
    I see the only issue with this being, how do we accurately portray these people. Just a thought though.
    Would be interesting at the least.
  7. Yeah, and the best you can, like any other fandom Rp. You can see youtube personalities, and potray that.
  8. I am so overloaded with FanGirl possibilities that I can't even FanGirl... I'm shocked. It's an interesting idea, but I would probably kidnap Pewds...
  9. It'd be something fun to do :p
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