INTEREST CHECK Anyone Interested in a Vampire vs Elves Roleplay?

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  1. Elves alway think they are the best thing ever created, their slim forms oh so perfect and their long silky hair. Not even a trace of it is out of place. They speak so gently and with such finess it's hard not to fall inlove with their enchanting tungue.

    Vampires are slightly more tempermental, aggressive, but just as magnifecant. Their thirst for blood and the desire to never give up make them very interesting beings. Definately not someone you wish to meet. They believe themselves to be most superior as well.

    ..Why not ombine all of this into and extrodinary world? Where vampires and elves are the worst of enemies to the point that elves find a killing sorce to hold over the vampires and keep them at bay. All of this will only end in bloodshed, that is for certain. These two kingdoms are so entirely different..yet they are exactly the same. On tope of that, men of this world believe they are most mighty. They know all the tricks to Elves and Vampires and though not always successful they do appose a threat as do the other mythical creatures that reside in the land of Beladonia

    Do I have any takers in a one on one fantasy?
  2. Maybe on elven warrior can be captured by a vamp only to find herself falling in love with her worst enemy...
  3. Yes, that would be a very good roleplay!
  4. Absolutely sounds like a great roleplay! Interesting mix up, but it works out.
  5. Thanks, i've been working on this one for a while. I'm a fan of both creatures so to play them together is very interesting lol
  6. This sounds really good. I like both races too and the mix sounds really interesting
  7. Thank you, I wouldn't have come up with the idea if it wasn't for a group roleplay I was on a long time ago and I just happened to be an elf and another person replied as a vampire lol
  8. The idea has an interesting spin on it. (O.O) I would love to try the RP if you decide to create it. Lemme know.
  9. Agreed :D Sounds fun.
  10. Razor suggested to me to make it into a community roleplay, so i'll be doing so in a few days once i'm home again.
  11. I LOVE the idea(s)...definately hit me up....I know quite a bit about both races...but I would like to know, Lanthe, how you see the Elves especially in this world of yours ^_^...