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  1. Hello, My name is Anri. Well that's the name I go by most times. I am interested in an RP partner who will be able to keep me entertained, and someone I can keep contact with. The way I RP is, whatever you give me, I match that. I use multiparagraphs. Details are very important to me, I want our characters to build a relationship, be able to connect with each other.

    I don't like when my partner tells my character what he is going to so, meaning you make a post that has my character completeing an action that I didn't want.

    I do any type of RP. I am mostly interested in the slice of life, or drama. But if you have an idea, please swing it by me. I would really appreciate it.

    Usually I'll play the submissive with an attitude, but of course if you need me to be dominant I can. I like MalexMale most of all, I'm not very good at playing females, but I have been practicing. Kinkyness is a big plus for me. Also if you are a girl playing a male, please feel free to message me! I enjoy everyone.

    Last, but not least here are some of my interest.

    Gangmemberxopposing gang memeber


    Bad assxgood boy

    That's just a few, I do just about anything! Hope to hear from someone!!
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  2. Is the bad ass x good boy still open? And which character would you be playing?
Thread Status:
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