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  1. Hey! I'm new to this site but not roleplaying. I generally only
    Play females as a main character (with the exception of MxM rp), even when there isn't romance I prefer the 1x1 to be a male and female character. I have a couple of short ideas and a few longer ones and if anyone is interested in any of these or just roleplaying with me in general message me. I'm pretty flexible on changing and adjusting story lines and trying other people's ideas! ^^ I hope we all get along here and yep~ I'll stop yapping and give you my few little ideas

    • a minecraft rp where the two characters wake up in the minecraft world with no knowledge of where they came from and only knowing their own name.

    •A male police officer goes after a female terrorist though after being stranded in an abandoned, locked down building for several hours he isn't sure he's willing to give her up.

    • something with a future diary type feel- with some deadly game and a female character who is obsessed with the male character.

    • a school for magic users.

    • a civilian is kidnapped by a vicious killer

    Now for a few longer worded plots:

    • An only child's (your character's) parents have just informed him that they were adopting a little girl. She was younger than him but they expected him to be nice. At first her was indifferent or maybe even a little bitter towards all the attention the young girl received. She was probably 4 or so and while she was young they were a little too protective over her at times. The boy even tried to play with her or make her giggle a few times and she always seemed to have fun, but his parents always scolded him for being "too rough". The little girl was rarely let outside without the parents and when she was the boy was told to keep a close eye on her. None of this made any sense for the first few months until the boy demanded an explanation from his parents one night after the girl's early bed time. He learned that she had been born very sick to begin with and her family had taken poor care of her on top of that. She probably wouldn't live very long as recently her body had slowly started failing.

    Now that the boy understood he ended up being a little more defiant towards his parents wishes for him to not let her do much. He started trying to play with her and taking her places with him. Soon she became unable to walk but that didn't slow them down.

    They'll make it through a lot together from the very fun to the very scary and it's the boy's goal to stay with his little sister and push her to keep living until the very end. Though she doesn't seem to realize how bad she's getting or maybe she doesn't want him to know how scared she is. So she always tells him they'll get to play together "Forever".

    (Big brother can be pretty much any age as long as he is older, teenager is preferred though no required ^^)

    • The school is pretty normal, a seemingly endless number of halls, and three levels, again, normal. A boy goes to the school, who is just
    about as normal. All the children dress in nice uniform to attend classes. Now, this is where the boring normality comes to an end. Remember that boy I told you about? Well, he meets a girl. I know what you’re thinking, but trust me it’s defiantly not “love at first sight”. In fact, the two seemed to loath each other. One day the girl goes missing, and the boy can’t help but feel a bit guilty as the two had had a pretty nasty fight the day before, and both had said some pretty nasty things. That same day after school the boy wanders into the woods that sit not far from the school. When he is there he sees a girl, the girl who had disappeared. Going after the girl, who seemed to be running for something. When he finally caught up to her she had stopped at the base of a tree, staring at the rabbit’s hole. Seeming to not notice he is there she jumps in, the hole seeming to go on much longer than it should have. Suddenly a bit concerned about the girl, the boy follows and lands in a world… a twisted dark world…

    I wrote this awhile back and reading it again I was thinking maybe instead of him going to look for her later during the fight she runs off and he follows her? Just a thought.

    • (So, this idea is based off the story "Healing Gabriel" I take no credit for this being an original idea in any way)

    ______ is the new guy in town. He's desirable, yes, and is used to getting whoever he wants. He doesn't abuse this power as he really doesn't know he has it. When moving in he sees a girl across the street, struggling to throw away a bunch of soda boxes. He goes over to help but the moment he touches her she starts to have a total melt down. She screams and drops to the ground. His mom apologizes to her mom and he is left confused. A few nights later that same family is having a party which his family attends. ______ doesn't catch the slightest sight if the girl until he has a little too much to drink and realized he is going to be sick. He runs upstairs to find a line for the bathroom, so what does he do? He starts knocking on doors looking for another one. When he comes to the girl's room, she lets him use her bathroom, unaware they are both about to start an interesting emotional journey.

    (Yeah, again this idea is in no way original, I just thought it would make an interesting Rp if anyone is interested and we could for sure change the story up to our own liking)
  2. Fist off if you have not yet been welcomed by the iwaku community, welcome! You are among friends! Now about your post, did you have any specifics for the plot line of the school for magic users?
  3. Not really. I may have a few ideas but I feel like that's an idea that is a lot more fun and easier to understand if both role players come up with how the school works and so on.
  4. I'm willing to give it a shot if you're still looking.
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