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  1. I've been wanting to RP this character I've made recently. I respond fairly quickly most days, and type between one-four paragraphs a post. A combination of fantasy, action, adventure, and perhaps some romance on the side would be fun I imagine. If interested, feel free to drop me a line. Here's one of my characters so you can get an idea of my playstyle.


    Character Name:



    Elder Mage of the Council of Magi

    -The elements of nature, infused with his magic.
    -Strong Will.
    -High mana reserves.
    -Yin/Yang control.
    -Strong Mind
    -Intermediate Swordsmanship

    -Short temper.
    -Is weakened by opposing mental attacks.
    -Very few allies.

    General Appearance:
    See picture for reference.


    History:Rai is most notably known for the many battles, and wars he has ended on his own. Most notably the lycan rebellion, when he mercilessly slaughtered thousands of werewolves attempting to overthrow the capital of Drogma. For his actions in the rebeliion he was harshly criticized, and nearly exiled from the Council of Magi. His history is a long one, for through his mastering of otherworldly magics, he has become an Immortal. His appearence has not changed in over 1,200 years. Currently Rai is seeking to meet with the High King, and Queen of the daemonic empire for reasons unknown.

    To truly understand Rai, which is a difficult enough task on its own, you have to know his past. Rai has seen much triumph, and victory, but has also experienced untold sorrow, and despair. When he was still an apprentice in the Tyberian Mage's Guild, he met a woman that instantly changed his outlook on life forever. Her name Estella Brigantine, and she was as gentle, and as beautiful as a butterfly. Seemingly the complete opposite of Rai. The two would become best friends, then lovers, and eventually soul mates.

    On the eve of their wedding, Estella was taken from him. The apparent cause of her death was an aneurysm in her brain. You see, any normal man would have excepted this answer, but Rai is no normal man. Utilizing ancient, taboo rituals of magic he was able to meet the Shinigami that had taken her soul. In a heated exchange, it was revealed that the reaper had taken her randomly, before it was her time to leave Ebonzia. For every human a Shinigami kills, they receive their remaining life, thus allowing them to lessentially live forever.

    Realizing this, Rai flew into a rage previously unseen. He recklessly engaged the Shinigami in battle. Perhaps if he were thinking clearly he could've bested the reaper, but do to his rash actions he was tricked, and the shinigami escaped leaving him with severe wounds. This event plunged Rai into darkness forever.

    Still bloody, and broken, tears streaming down his face like an unrelenting stream, Rai saught to do something unthinkable. He made a deal with the six most powerful daemonic beings in all the realms. You see, beings from the lower planes are kept in check by numerous ancient, angelic sigils set in place by the highest ranking angels in all of creation. There six hundred, and sixty six seals.
  2. It looks like our rp styles could be compatible! I might not be able to post as frequently as you though (except on my days off). And I was just wondering, what has influenced your character's history? It looks great, I'd love to learn more about it.
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  3. Do we have to use the group you made to roleplay with your character? :o
  4. Nah, he is available for onexone roleplay also :)
  5. Raikenzu instinctively rose his right hand, and began rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He hadn't felt this feeling in nearly two-hundred years. It has been that long since the Elder Council member allowed himself to sleep by use of magic, and foreign body enhancements. "Damn it..." he spoke nearly incoherently to himself. Rising from his enormous, silken bed he slouched lazily on the edge, yawning rather loudly while stretching his arms high above his head. Finally he stood up, and walked ever so slowly to his washroom. The second he entered the room, large violet candles mysteriously lit themselves. Even to this day, Rai had no idea why someone would need a bathroom this large, no matter how important they were. The floors were made of the most expensive, and rare materials around in all the the realms, and were engraved with ancient, magical sigils of the most exquisite type. His sink was comprised of a mixture of gold, and diamonds, and the water that flowed fluidly from the faucet was infused with powerful healing properties.

    After completing a few menial task, Raikenzu looked at the huge, glass mirror on the opposite side of the room. He saw a human male in his mid-twenties, fairly handsome facial structure, a jagged scar coming down from his left eye to the left corner of his mouth. "Vixon..." he mumbled aloud, the sight of the scar bringing back memories of his long past. Vivid images of long, elastic, whip-like tendrils slashing across his face played back as if it were happening all over again. Vixon, the renegade sorceress had left a permanent reminder of their fateful encounter. With a quick head shake he brushed aside those inner thoughts, and gazed once more at the man who was staring back at him. Long flowing brown, and black locks swayed gently with his movements, sky blue eyes peered into the depths of his own soul. A strong jaw, and chin, supported his thin, pale lips. Scrawny brows furrowed above his tinted oculars. "In seven hours you'll be a married man, Rai. Time to finally grow up. No more sky ball with the fella's every afternoon...". Estella, his fiance, wasn't very vocal about many things in their relationship, but she did lay down the law on that topic. The single thought of that woman caused a cheeky smile to manifest on his previously dull features.

    With a spell or two here, and there, Rai was dressed, bathed, and groomed properly. Going from a mess, to a man halfway presentable. He still had at least six hours to kill, so he didn't bother wearing his ceromonial wedding robes. Instead he opted for a simple black robe that made him look like a monk. Truth was, with his level of mastery of the illusion magics he could make anyone see whatever he wished, but he honestly didn't mind the thoughts of others. The only other person whose opinion mattered to him was Estelle. Standing on the opposite end of the room from the balcony, his feet began to rise from the ground until he was floating a comfortable four inches off of the ground. He made his way to the already open balcony, and remained still once he was over-looking the beautiful city scape of Vial, capitol of Drogma.

    ^^An excerpt from his past, part of the book I'm trying to write based off of him. Woo!
  6. Ooh! Awesome! Your character looked interesting so I thought I might ask. P:
  7. Heh, cool. Did you wish to RP sometime?
  8. For the most part, yes, I did wish for it. I'd have to look over your roleplay resume to see if there's something agreeable upon us, though. (:
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