Anyone interested in a Magical Girl/Boy RP?

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  1. I've tried seeing if there would be interest in this on two other sites (Gaia Online, and a place called Swizeo). This is my last resort, pretty much.

    Here's the plot: Over the centuries, magically-powered girls and boys have protected the world from the forces of evil, but have been shunned, called witches, and been killed by regular humans not understanding the motives of these people. In the last few decades, they have gained acceptance, however, due to the rise of "Magical Girl" series, and have awed the more open-minded public with their feats. They are dubbed "Numina" (singular: Numen) for the Latin word meaning "divinity." Fallen Numina are also a threat: Numina who have been corrupted, they are now working with the evil they once fought.

    So, yeah. That's it.

    I know it could use some (read: a lot of) work, but this is just an Interest Check.

    *Dies of shame*
  2. I would be interested in something like this completely :D
  3. So, is there anything I could/should add to the plot or such? Should I make sign-ups?
  4. Some elaboration on the evil, for one.
  5. I went and typed out a full plot for it, including the origins of the evil and of the Numina themselves.

    Show Spoiler

    In the beginning of civilization, all was well, humans survived, and began to thrive, but most importantly, they believed. Early humans were susceptible to magical energy, and their beliefs spawned various deities and monsters, both real and in their minds. As humans “evolved” from their ways of the past, the magic faded from their minds, but the spawned beings stayed in the world. The more unstable deities began to resent the humans who abandoned them, and recruited the “monsters” to take revenge. Shortly after, the balance of what was “good” and what was “evil” tipped, and more benevolent forces granted select humans, ones with more potential, access to different magic than the one that humans used to be attuned to. This magic did not create deities or monsters; it did, however, give humanity the chance to fight back, even if just a bit.

    Of course, since people no longer believed in many of the old ways, and a significant portion adopted new faiths that made many of the old ways out to be “evil,” even if they used to be “good,” these humans who fought against the evil were condemned as evil themselves, and were consequently executed. It continued for centuries, only lightening up in the latter parts of the 20th century, in which humans started to become more accepting of other ways, and no longer subjected things they didn’t understand to death. In these times, humans were quite a bit braver, including their once fearful protectors. They started to come out a bit more and more, eventually leading to their popularity.

    Other driving forces for the resurgence of these “protectors” were superhero comics, which depicted humans with unhuman powers, and “Magical Girl” series, similar series from other places, but with a more feminine bend, and not always including battles. The protectors of those eras took on either of those terms, although the deities found those names a bit silly, and eventually left notes in the protectors’ minds saying to call themselves “Numen,” a Latin word for “divinity” or “divine power,” due to their origins as the benevolent deities’ chosen ones.

    Of course, power takes a toll on the mind, leading to what is referred to as a “Fallen Numen.” Former Numina full of resent towards humans or their Numina brethren; they direct their powers against the Numina, and even the deities who blessed them with power.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.