Anyone interested in a laid back highschool RP?

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  1. Its been awhile since I have posted here but lately I have been itching for some good old fashioned high school rp-ing. I am undecided as to if it will be anime style or regular high school style. If you are looking for a serious hardcore type RP this is not it. Everything will mostly be focused on creating unique/fun situations and possible mushy feel-good relationships. Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested.

  2. I'm interested. Any ideas on a setting?
  3. What would the difference be between regular high school and anime? Like, just the pictures used for character sheets or something plotwise?
  4. well if it was anime based it would take place in japan and would allow anime type physics. (spontaneous bloody noses, super jumping, etc). But if it was a regular high school it would be based on the US block schedule and would be more realistic
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  5. Ah, I see. Yeah, I could be up for some high school shenanigans :P
  6. Somethin' relaxed like this sounds good.
  7. I'm interested
  8. cool, alright gimme some time because i am on a trip by now. I will have the ooc thread up sometime after new year's
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  9. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to back out of this one. My school workload is gonna be way bigger than I expected so I've gotta cut down on my rp joining.

    I hope you guys have fun though!
  10. I'd be interested
  11. Me tooo
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