INTEREST CHECK Anyone Interested in a Fantasy Romance?

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  1. Yo, so I'm extremely bored and seriously wanting a thread to get me started haha ^^ I'd love to do a fantasy romance, or modern romance with a hint of fantasy tied in (ex: cat girls [or guys]/angel girls [or guys]) I'm also open to whatever ideas you have stirring up in your mind. Please let me know if you're interested! I'm a pretty descriptive player though, so either take that as a warning or miracle :P

  2. i like the idea! i need a roleplay soooo bad!!!
  3. Yeah well I am in like 7 rp and none are very active like I want them to be >. < I can handle another one :3
  4. Interesting. I'm game :P
  5. Is this for a onexone game, or a group one? I'm personally more interested in fantasy over modern, but I'm keeping an eye on this one.
  6. Interested, just like every other person and their dog on this site.
  7. :'D yay~ Okay, so I'm pretty sure I can figure out something for everyone here whose interested ^^ If you want you can PM what exactly you're interested in doing and we can figure something out from there.

    @Lycan Queeen: This idea is more of a onexone rp, but I have another idea for a group one in the sign-ups fourm if you're interested ^^

    If you want also, you can all add me on MSN (old school, i know) but its if you want

    I'll be in touch~

  8. sweet, is there still room for one more. I've been busy but i finally got time again and i'm dying for roleplays...and i can work just about anything. and i'm willing to try just about anything out. so please please please send me details ^_^

    *high fives for the kitten* ^_^
  9. Awesome! Definately will! >:3