Anyone here post daily?



I post daily or even hourly. I like some logic in my fantasy roleplay. I like to think that I'm creative in the plot and the world. But my writing is not so good. My grammar is weak and I know little english words.

I write maybe a couple of paragraphs per post. I check into the thread that I'm following maybe once every few hours, depends when I'm not driving.

I need couple of people for a fantasy roleplay with balloon airships, unique weapons, and alchemy. I need a couple of partners to work with me to bring this roleplay to life.

What I want in a partner is that they have the same interest as me. I need them to have the same sense of logic as well. It need my partner to be online almost as much as I do because I get bored of waiting fast.

If you think you fit my description, just send me a private text.
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