Anyone here ever hear of Galadoria?

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  1. was the website that taught me about Forum Based Role Playing. It used to be really big back in the day. Has anyone here ever heard of it or was a member there? It's closed down now, but I had a lot of fun there. *Ponders distant past*
  2. I have never heard of such a place! O__O TELL US ABOUT YOUR PEOPLE!
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  3. I RPd there like over 6 years ago. Back in its hay day it was huge. It combined some elements from MMOs into forum based rp. Similar to illium in size but more open world. The more you posted the more your character would level up. They even used to have battle system game. It was text based but it was still fun.

    They were snobs as far as writing goes. So as a utter noob in writing I felt looked down upon at times. But in hindsight it gave me a good sense of writing and reading. I learned a lot about sentence structure and character development from them. Because of them I have slightly higher standard for forum based roleplaying.

    I find myself missing the forum and community. I put a lot of time and love into my character and wish I could continue his story and development. Now that I am a better writer I really feel like I could flush him out more.

    The moderators were helpful. Despite their aloofness. The admin had big plans that never came to fruition. That's what killed the site. It had potential but fell through in delivering said potential. RIP Galadoria. You will always be my first RP site.
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  4. That was beau... *tears up*
    Nope haven't heard of it, seems pretty cool though, like a more text based Nodiatis or something that actually had roleplay. Hard to find, usually, especially these days.
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