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  1. So I am currently taking an online Javascript class and I have no idea what is going on, my teacher is not very good at explaining so for the most part I have been googleing how to do everything. Is there anyone on here who could help me with this class, or could give me the link to something that can? Currently I am working on arrays.
  2. Personally, I like using CodeAcademy when it came to learning a new programming language. Hope this helps you.
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  3. I took a class on Java in high school and did pretty well in it. I remember arrays -- I bet a lot of the stuff will come back to me if I see what you're working on.

    What do you need help with?
  4. I've been learning with Khan Academy. I think that might be easier for you to use, since it starts from the basics. From what I saw of Code Academy, it just throws you into it.

    Edit: Ahah, didn't realize this was you, Andrew. Nevermind this.
  5. I'm currently taking a course in Javascript (introductory) but have done quite well so far and am currently working with Array Lists. What in particular are you confused about?
  6. If you need any specific help with something, feel free to drop me a post. :3

    I'm not sure what might help you learn independently, unfortunately; I was taught with lecture and practice, and that happened to work out pretty well for me. Maybe something like Project Euler could give you a trial-by-fire experience. If you're really struggling to grasp the concepts, I'd suggest taking a Discrete Maths course; that'd give you a broad understanding of arithmetical logic for you to build up on in later computer science classes.
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