Anyone going to see Wreck It Ralph?

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  1. Everyone has been talking about it and people can't wait to see it. :D
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    I'd very much like to see it, but I doubt I'd have the time to get there, or the stamina right now. It looks spectacular, though. From what I've heard, some people are a bit upset that Zangief's counted as a villian in the movie trailer.
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    I do want to watch it but I doubt I'll be able to see it in theaters. Looks pretty good, though! I love like, everything I see about this film. Also, Sarah Silverman makes me lol.
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    Will be driving 30 minutes to the nearest AMC theatre to watch this. The movie theatres around here are shitty. >.< I'm excited, but the boyfriend is definitely looking forward to it. Probably because he started playing games when he was 3 years old. XDD
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    The trailer looked good. If I have a chance to see it, I definitely will, but I may have to wait as I yet to have to see a trailer for it in my country. Even then, I will probably have to wait for the DVD version as I will refuse to watch the dubbed version that is likely to appear in theatres. But if I see it somewhere in the original language, I am definitely going to watch it.
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    Probably not anytime soon, but I sure will.
  7. I'm going to see it.
  8. Just saw it earlier today and I thought it was great. It's definitely worthwhile!
  9. Just saw it as well. Didn't make the drive out of town though for a better movie theatre. Definitely worth seeing although for you hard core gamers don't expect to see a ton of references to games.

    Also if you hate children talking and jumping around... Wait another week to see it. >.>
  10. Oh man! I went to go see it with my friends. The person who picked the time purposefully picked a 3D showing. All of us showed up and were like "What? 3D? What's going on... Did you know about this?" Turns out we were all completely oblivious to the 3D-ness except for the person who picked the time. :P I thought it was really cute! (Except it totally wasn't worth the extra $4.)