Anyone free and wanna do a one on one?

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  1. Hey I'm just looking for anyone of an intermediate or higher level to do an rp of any sorts. This could be a small thing or some sort of epic story I don't really mind! If you are interested just flick me a pm and we can talk through what sorts of rp's we both like that we could do an rp with.

    When it comes to my favorites I guess it would be fantasy, sci-fi or some sort of darker setting, but as I said I'm open to any new ideas you have whether it be a fleshed out story or just a small idea that we can discuss and build upon. I don't mind if it's involving mature themes or not, but again, we can talk it through.

    Don't be a stranger! I don't bite much :3
  2. do you mind if I try it out? c: I would love to rp with you! maybe we can do sort of a mystery fantasy one. one with really dark atmosphere. pm me iif you are interested!!
  3. I really do any kind of rp and I'm up for anything! I'm new and such and would like to try to rp with someone ^^

    You can PM me if you are interested! I'll be happy to rp! C: