Anyone for the Walking Dead [ignore post count]

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  1. Hey guyyyyyys.

    Windi here.

    Ok, to the point. I'm watching the Walking Dead, and I'm not quite done with the second season, BUT I want a widdle roleplay with the basic idea on mind. ;3 original characters, all that jazz.

    I DO want some romance, but I don't want a bad plot. Um mm, about plots..I'm not the best at thinking them through so I need a smart partner XDDD

    Only rules:

    Don't be a crappy one liner person
    Be active :3 as possible.
  2. i'd love to join this. I love The Walking Dead. I've finished the first two seasons and I've read up to volume 17 of the comics. :>
  3. Bump~~

    Anyone else?
  4. Bumpy~~
  5. I'm certainly open to a Walking Dead roleplay, I absolutely adore the show.
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  6. ..... I'm so in on this. n.n
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  7. [MENTION=4516]GoodEveningClarice[/MENTION] Awesome x33 Just shoot me a pm or something.

    [MENTION=4112]shaki[/MENTION] :3 same for you, I'd love it if you shot me a pm :DD