Anyone for Terraria?

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  1. My other RPs so far:
    But, giving up is too easy. And I don't like the easy way out.

    So, I was thinking, does anybody want a Terraria RP? If you have no idea what it is, then I'll explain in a PM. Know what it is now? Good. Moving on, the group (four, say) would find themselves all bunched together in one of these randomly generated worlds, with the bare basic tools for survival in the Terrarian world (copper pickaxe, sword and axe). In the day, things seem peaceful enough. The odd slime is a trouble, but it's not too much. Night is tense, even with a shelter, due to the monsters around the place. But they're no match for a well-dug pit. But what happens when more and more powerful beasts rear their heads? Will your wooden hut be able to stand up to them? Will you turn tail and abandon everyone? Or will you do wht you were born to do, and dig?
    And mine.
    And craft.
    And defeat monsters with new equipment.
    And, in due course, rid the world of corruption.
  2. I'm interested
  3. Alright, anyone else up for it?
  4. I would love to play the game Terraria with you, but hmm... it might make an interesting rp. Who knows, could be cool. Espescially the night sequences.
  5. Eh, two people's enough for me. If nobody has any queries, I'll hop right to it.