Anyone for Arranged Marriages?

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  1. This is what I want. To demand such a thing? xP Oh well.

    While I want that classic love-hate relationship I never really want it to hit the point where they completely agree with each others existence.

    Some details
    - I want it to be a mix of a company, and a gang group successor. The marriage is what settles the long time dispute of the two groups, thus merging them to work as one. (Company being a rather rich one, while the gang group will also handle alot of money, drugs, etc.)
    - I will play the gang group successor. I like having my hands on a bad-boy. An important detail, I want this to be yaoi, so the company aire would be the sub in this situation. Whether you choose to create a soft spoken other or a loud mouth know it all.
    - I am not shy at adding in fantasy touches, but this will be a modern, slice of life kind of deal. So while I will work with adding in things here and there, I'll like to have the details nice and worked out.

    So, reply to this thread if you are up for it. And feel free to add in any little touches you might have for me.
  2. I'm definitely interested if you haven't found a partner to RP this with yet. Did you have any ideas for where it would take place?
  3. I'm definitely interested in this rp! I actually LOVE doing yaoi rps!
    Where would this be taking place?