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  1. I have always been enchanted by the beauty of old English and the social drama of the 1500-1600 time period. Shakespeare was a master of creating poetic and poignant interaction between his characters. I know that kind of reading is heavy for most people but I adore it.

    I would love to create something of that feel. I would also like to explore the idea of a young family in early America setting out into the unknown to stake a claim on a homestead in the early 1800's.

    I usually play the female but I can create a believable male to double.

    Hope to meet some new friends as well! Thanks for reading!
  2. Good day,

    I, too, am trying to create 1 x 1 artistic roleplaying experience, although I have never role-played before.

    I would be very much interested in this idea, and will probably shelve my 1x1 M.C. Escher project to work with you if you would like that.

    Give me a while, and later today I shall make a compilation of works I can share to show my writing capabilities. I'll also be doing some research on the topic of the early 1800s exploration.

    Please, let me know what type of roleplaying format you would like. I think a good system would be chat, but as an amateur, I am not well enough versed to say.

    I am male, but to make this clear, I am a teenager and have no interest in anything erotic, as a standing rule. If that is something you with to explore, I am sorry to say that will not be an option. However, anything romantic below that level is fine. It would be fitting for any of the styles you had mentioned.

    With that out of the way, about myself!

    You can check my profile, but you'll see that I've been writing for a long time, and have a love for classical pieces as well! I'm quite nerdy (Obviously if I am here I would most likely be.) I currently am analyzing the Renaissance to comprehend it's minute details over the past month. I am also an actor, and have been acting for a meager two years, though I feel I have been very successful. I am deeply fond of music. I play percussion, mainly, though more of the tuned instruments, such as Marimba.

    I love exploring unique ideas for writing, but my main problem is that my ideas are far too scattered, most of the time. I hope that through this medium, I can find more clear and centered writing techniques so I can be a well-versed writer.

    Hopefully that sounds good for you! I am particularly interested in your idea, and I hope I can work with you.
  3. Thank you for that very thoughtful reply!!

    If you read my profile you may have noticed that I do not play libertine. I am a Christian and I cannot in good conscience type such things, though at one time I did and from experience I found it tends to overtake the story line and becomes a hindrance. So, you have no worries on that front with me. I don't mind that you are a teenager as long as you don't mind that I am a grandmother! Writing is the one medium that transcends such things, don't you agree?

    I love the 1800's. It was a time of great hope, struggle, perseverance, and change. I greatly admire the men and women who carved out their place in the barren countryside in hope of having a better life and future for their children.

    I have a few different ideas. A young couple who attaches themselves to a wagon train and heading to a specific homesteading city, but along the way tragedy strikes and her husband falls ill and dies leaving her to fend throughout the rest of the journey alone. Perhaps the other character could be the train boss, who might protect and help her. Or possibly another family with similar tragedy that could join together. People were strong and resilient back then and not as enamored of the idea of long courtship and love before marriage. I believe though, that hardship brings people together and forms unbreakable bonds.

    Another was the idea of mail-order bride. That could be anywhere with any kind of background for both.

    Perhaps a family divided by the losses and heartaches of the civil war that find reconciliation and forgiveness.

    I'd be happy to hear any ideas you have on this and additionally on the Regency era which I also am drawn to!

    Nerds unite!! I may be much older than you but I've been a nerd all my life, though I am a book nerd not a techy one.

    Thanks again! Looking forward to working on this!
  4. I'm very sorry, I had been very busy yesterday, and couldn't respond for a while.

    I am personally interested in the first concept, however due to the one-on-one restrictions of this format, writing in the Non-Playable Character of the father would be hard, unless we started out as having a father character, then shift into the other character once the father dies, most likely one of the children.

    In regards to the format we play in, what style would you like? I find chatting much more natural for me, simply due to past computer experiences, however the forum style is also fine by me. However, I'm not very much engaged in Roleplaying, so if there is a singular style of roleplaying just for one-on-one format, then I am unaware of it. Please let me know!
  5. Hello again! So here's my schedule:

    Mondays - Thursday : 6:30 to 9:30 EST.
    Friday : No time available.
    Saturday - Sunday : All day.

    Let me know anything more you need before we can make this actually start!
  6. I am soooo sorry. I did not see your reply. I'm not sure why but ugh. I seriously apologize!!

    Thank said. I can play the couple, both parts until the tragedy occurs and that would enable you to be whoever you like at the beginning. I don't mind being more than one person. Also, if you have access to google docs that's an easy way to post back and forth without much fuss, but we can use forums as well. I'm really not picky. The google docs does require an email to send a share request. The PM function here is fine too. Just let me know. I see you are not available today and again i am sorry I've been online every day. Just somehow missed this.

    Thanks again for your interest.
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