Anyone Afraid of Heights?

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RANDOM POLL (because who doesn't love polls?)

  1. HEIGHTS? D:

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  2. HEIGHTS! :D

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  3. Heights :/

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  4. Is that bridge safe? >_>

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  5. Obligatory unrelated option.

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  1. Like the title asks, anyone afraid of heights? Or falling? Or glass bridges?

    Don't watch this. O_O

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  2. Depends honestly, roller coaster I can handle, going over a bridge I can handle, standing over one of those thick glass things from a high place I can kind of handle, Ferris wheel can't handle, arch elevator up can't handle. I guess as long as I'm not hovering there or moving in a direction besides up as well I can handle it. So long as I can move away from it. I think I could handle that bridge so long as I wasn't travelling with an asshole at the time.
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  3. I used to be afraid of heights...

    But then I learnt how to suck it up and now I'm like LOOK, I WANNA GO ON THAT ROLLERCOASTER AYYYY!


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  4. Ugh. The swings or anything that spins makes me queasy. @_@

    But rollercoasters are bitchin'! >:D
  5. I love heights, but even I can tell the architect that made that bridge was being a dick and thought about all those people who are scared of heights when he/she made it. Probably thought, 'Ey, you know what would be seriously FUCKED UP?! Making a nice bridge, right HERE... and make it made of fucking /glass/ so everyone afraid of heights could panic some more. Yeah... that'd be perfect."
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  7. No fear!

    That bridge looks really freaking cool. The world needs more glass bridges.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I used to be afraid of heights... Then I took an arrow to *Get's slain for overused dead joke*

    Seriously though only as a little kid did height's semi-scare me, and even then it was only those glass illusions that freaked me out.
    Today though that stuff doesn't bother me at all.

    Falling however? No thanks.
    No bungee jumping for me.
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  10. It depends.

    I've gone on rollercoasters before (but honestly rollercoasters in the Philippines are probably a laugh for you guys) and I enjoyed it. Somewhat. It left me shaking and clammy but I was able to laugh about it.

    But yeah. Heights don't bother me too much - if there's a barrier between it and me. It might cause me to feel woozy, but I somewhat enjoy it - if there's that thing keeping me from, you know, falling. I don't really trust myself since I'm one of the privileged few to have the honor of being able to trip over nothing. But yeah, as long as it looks relatively safe? Sure. Otherwise, I'm noping the fuck out.
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  11. I have a completely reasonable fear of falling to my death. Being up high in non-precarious situations is great, being up high somewhere with no wall or railing or whatever to prevent accidental (or homicidal) falling incidents is awful. This glass bridge looks awesome, wouldn't freak me out because it's very clearly meant to be safe for tons of people to walk on.
  13. Im cool with heights and love roller coasters but with my job I had to get on a 27 foot extention ladder that wobbled. I noped out fast. Like if the ladder was sturdier I'd be find but every movement made it shake.

  14. I don't like heights. I went to Mall of America once and I felt like I was falling the entire time I wasn't on ground floor. :o I don't so roller coasters, or glass bridges, or zip lines. I can't even look straight up at the sky without feeling like I'm falling backwards. xD
  15. Dear world.


    To clarify, my fear has less to do with heights, and more to with bridges. I wish I was kidding.
  16. I can't even stand on a chair without becoming shaky, so heights are not my thing xD (And I wanna fly across the world to Japan one day o_o I'll need lots of calming pills for that 10+ hour trip)
  17. I don't do high places. I sometimes have difficulty driving over bridges in my car, especially spaghetti bridge exchanges where all those highways mix up.

    I should have listened to the warning and never pressed play on that first video. *shudders* Ugh.
  18. I kinda am scared of heights personally. But I love realistic movies where the characters are in high places. Those don't bother me a bit, in truth. o.o
  19. I'm like okay with them up until it's something like the high dive where I'm expected to jump off, then I get vertigo allllll up in here and freak out
  20. Only times that height bothers me is when I have to jump off a dive board because: Super High+Deep Water= k gotta go cya.
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