Anybody you RP with often?

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  1. Are there any particular members you often find yourself roleplaying with just when you're looking around for RPs to fill your free time? People who don't cease to be in nearly every roleplay you participate in?

    Lately I've been finding myself in roleplays with @Mr. V @Xylime and @AAB quite often. Somewhat less frequently, I'm seeing @Thomas McTavish and @ET4252 as well.
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  2. Yes. @Dedtoo all the times! As he happens to be a friend of mine! He always wants to hear my latest ideas XD
  3. I can't for the life of me work out why, but for some reason every RP I've participated in recently i've seen @Raitoningu's avatar. It's really strange. Maybe it's a stalker?
  4. Yes, I've noticed the same themes sometimes attract the same people. Fortunately, the ones I see more frequently tend to be good roleplayers.
  5. @WitchesRayvyn is always there. We met RPing about... 11 years ago?

    We're finally getting back around to making an RP together.

    Soon as she finishes her character. <3
  6. Wow has it really been that long.....damn I feel old....and hey now I've gotten her mostly done but we needed to talk about some things, which we never really ironed out so it's just as much your fault as it is mine that she's not done yet :P
  7. @Diana Purely by number of RPs, quite a few of which are complete. and most expansive universe ever.

    @Ocha For maybe the longest running RP I've ever been in, 2,393 posts and counting.

    @Ozzie Chanter for many fun plots... that just need to start.
  8. Hmm..well I don't RP as much on here, but my main RP partner is my boyfriend. While he is not on here, I will probably make him come on this site eventually. >:3
  9. I could not reveal my sources no matter what happens..xD.

    All it's kept a secret, for most of Us from here.;).
    In either case, I wouldn't divulge the Identity of my partners or I might Get locked Up in terrible places with the Bunnies and the floating bubbles >:(

    But.. I have a few here, manly are Males and a few girls to xD Some great plots and such etc
    I just have one pending RP since my Teacher is quite busy at the moment.. (@Ozzie Chanter ) ~

    Hides somewhere so Ozzie won't find my body.. Rawwrr!~
  10. I made my first actual IC-post like today. So yeah...
  11. xD @Ozzie Chanter as a teacher eh? lucky! =D

    Fatalrendezvous for me! she's a babe!
  12. Shh!! Stop mentioning his name.. Everytime we mention his name it's like he Sense it and then.. Bang!! He appears >:)

    Yes.. Lucky me! I consider him as my teacher xD
  13. *Points at Vay* My favorite. O__O My rpsoulmate.

    I also have been in many many many rps with Alarice, Ocha, Jinx, Ozzie, Grumpy, Dawn... uuum... a few more people I can't think of at the moment. @__@
  14. @Megilwen, she's the one who bring me to this website and the one I RP the most with in the last year.
  15. With myself OwO
    and sometimes my sister (Christi) //she's Helena Sky on here//

    I RP with my friend Aerica almost all the time cx
    (She's not a member here)
    and then we have Laurie (isn't a member here either n-n)
  16. Let's see.. I am back at this thread just to bring out some of my favourite people xD

    @Urdnot Grunt - is one good Rper, our stories are always in a Good bond ^^

    @Jessica2477 - this girl Rocks! She makes me laugh so hard, I had tears in my eyes last time.

    @Sol-Et-Luna - has very nice type of describing things and in funny situations to.:3

    @Adenthos - is probably One of the best Partner, his descriptions are in such much detail, that makes me melt xD. He is a Very good writer.

    @WarriorHeart - he is also, one of those kind of people who you will Die to hang out with. His descriptions are awesome. I have a lot to learn from him.^^

    @Accelerator - he is a douche!!@.@ I mean. Errm his character is just Insanely funny, and Badass kind of type. I enjoy being in the Zombie to with him( here goes Sol and Jess to.!- same RP )

    And .. Others I can't remember right now xD

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  17. @PureKor -Super cool chick! Very unique prose and style.

    @ZsafineGypsy -Two words; frickin' awesome!

    Thems muh gurlz! I would happily stomp a mud hole in someone if they asked me to...Happily.
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