Anybody running a RWBY RP?

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  1. I've been looking for a good RWBY roleplay for a while. I have a ton of ideas and a couple ready to launch characters.
  2. I was actually wondering the same thing, as I just posted a RWBY character. Perhaps you and I ought to toss some ideas around and maybe start one ourselves. Let me know what you think!
  3. I have quite a few, but I dont really have the time to run an RP. How would you feel about just a small one, being just one team?
  4. We could do that, and maybe one of us could run it as a sort of "DM", plotting out events and such. Yeah, I don't mind. We can hash together some ideas! n.n
  5. So, Lets Plot.

    How do you want to do it, OCs only, or OCs and canons are in? I personally do not care, but I dont like interacting with the canons. OC only gives us a ton more plotting freedom too
  6. I think we should have cannon characters like the teachers and such be our teams teachers. I think our characters should be aware/have knowledge of cannon characters but nothing more than that. If we are playing a small group with just one specific team then I think its best we all use Original Characters. That breeds more creative freedom with how we approach each other and we don't have to worry about breaking things about cannon characters and such like that.

    One thing we should think about as well is the time period. Does this happen during team RWBY's time at the academy, or some time after?
  7. Im good with that. Maybe remove TWBYs storyline, go with a original one. I have one thats heavy with White Fang terrorism, Atlas weapons, maurading island sized Grimm...
  8. That sounds good with me. Are we going to try to even our the team? Two Males, Two Females? Or doesn't matter? Or what?

    And the rest of what you posted sounds great to me.

    Also, whats the standard here? Are we trying to go with about a paragraph or two per post, or a hundred?
  9. Personally doesnt matter to me, or even if we have 4 people doubling characters for 2 teams.


    Paragraph or two, but they gotta be good, not useless fluff. I have a character skeleton already brought up.
  10. Sounds good. Hopefully I wont have to change too much of what I already have to make my characters Profile match the skelly. You know... Lazy streak. Lol.
  11. I get it, here it is:

    Nickname: (If applicable)
    Appearance: (A picture along with a description, please. Pictures can be real or anime. Please leave pictures in link form. Also include clothing, scars/tattoos ect. If applicable)
    Strengths: (3+)
    Weaknesses: (Keep these even)
    Brief Biography
    Other information
  12. Syrena has most of those. Wont take too much wiggling to make it fit.

    I also have a male character I have worked on in the past I could upload a drawing for and create if necessary.

    But that skeleton looks good.


    Im going to have to alter her age and occupation. This was made for a post school era character, but its easily adaptable.
  13. Our two characters will get along just fine.

    My character (open)

    Name: Michael Chernya
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 18
    6' of wiry, rugged muscle. Short black hair and dark eyes. He has a few facial scars, and several others all over his body from training. Slashes, gunshot wounds, the medals of hard training. Just below his collar on his neck is a tattooed barcode and serial number. He wears dark gray cargo pants, spitshined rubber-soled leather boots, a black tee, and a gray tactical vest.
    Asynchronous Linear Induction Sniper System (ALISS)
    Form One:
    A high power railgun, effective to up to three miles. Devastating to soft and lightly armored targets. He carries the scope and rifle assembly on his back when using ALISS as a sword. The swords are the barrel of the weapon, conducting the electromagnetic current and launching the projectile. The weapon has a 5 round capacity, with magazine and battery having to be replaced at the same time. Due to the high weight of the batteries, Michael only carries three reloads.
    Form Two:
    The barrel of ALISS ejects to become two longswords made from a dense, superconducting material.
    Semblance: Michael can change his perception of time, reacting faster to threats. In his view, things slow and he moves at normal speed, while outside he appears to be moving very fast.
    One Shot, One Kill: Because of his proficiency with his weapons system, he can achieve quick kills over long range.
    Field Commander: He can take control of a situation easily and direct his teammates to a quick victory, hasty retreat, or any maneuver as needed
    Ranger: He has been trained to lead, and employ all the assets he has in order to win.
    Emotionally Broken: Emotions not related to survival or combat are hard for him to grasp.
    Brutally Honest: He is incapable of lying
    Jumpy: When confronted with a situation he has never dealt with before, he will fall back on his training. A well meaning joke can end up a trip to the hospital.

    Brief Biography: Michael was born in Atlas, and at age six was abducted by a scientist. She believed that the Atlas strategy to take humans off the battlefield and replace them with robots was misguided. So, she kidnapped several dozen children and put them through a brutal military indoctrination and training program. At thirteen, the program was discovered, and shut down. Authorities in Atlas could not let such an inhuman program come to light, so Michael and the other thirty six children were separated, underwent chemical treatment to clear their memories, then removed to the other kingdoms. Michael was dropped in Vale, and was homeless for a couple months before earning a spot in a combat school.
    Other information: He carries an old picture of a snow covered farm, something he was given but never knew what it meant. He also carries a baggie of coffee beans, which he chews on for alertness. His last name meas "black" in Russian.

    I can make a character as needed, I have a male I can tweak, and a female I can build easily.
  14. Dang man, they basically have the same Semblance. xD
  15. Bullet time, I love it. I can change mine, make him more of a stealth character. I have a few people I might be able to poke to recruit in, how many do you want?
  16. Its up to you, I don't mind how many people get into it.

    Its been several months (two I guess, because of my accident) since I have been on the site. I am trying to
    figure out how the group type role playing works now... Is everything relegated under the "ROLEPLAYS" tab now? Or are they going to update the "'GROUPS" one in the near future to have a similar set of mechanics and tools? I just don't know if I understand the organization at play here...
  17. Minumum 4, max 8?

    I took a break too, I really dislike the new system. I think we do Roleplays, then theres two tabs. One for an overview, then an OOC thread. Then we set up an IC in a differant forum... its an explosive fluster cluck.
  18. Wait... Do you only get one IC Thread per group!?
  19. I think so, I dont know too much about the group system though.
  20. Hhhhrrrnnnngghh..........

    There has to be someone we can talk to about that... For multiple actors and settings, a single IC thread simply cannot work...
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