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    Due to real life issues - including health and financial - I cannot post as much as I'd like to, I'd like to promise more than once a day, but there will be times I'll have to ask that we put our story on hold for a short while.

    I'm searching for someone who's down for: Plotting, detailing, development without constant fluff, actually talking outside of the story and contributing to it's sculpting, and focusing on all characters - not just who's going to woo yours. For comforts sake, my main character is always a female - but I'm fully capable of doubling, and juggling multiple side characters - so long as you are, too. M/F only, smut/slash/lemon and the like are out of the question, as are furries and whatever else is out there. I ask that you have actual knowledge of the franchise, can write minimum three (6-8 sentence) paragraphs (literacy, quality, length, grammar, the vitals!) and don't mind threads.
    H E A D S U P: If you only respond to questions concerning your character and not the story; if you only respond with phrases like sounds good, works for me or okay; if you cannot actually brainstorm and map out some sort of story/plot before hand (because no, I will not wing it); If you disappear forever without warning or blatantly ignore me; then I am not obligated to respond to you, and I won't. That simple.

    Space Opera
    Post apocalyptic/Dystopian
    I'll write Slice of Life if the plot can hold my interest

    I don't really have any plots atm, I prefer brainstorming with another from scratch.

    Working on pairings, I'm really not sure.

    House M.D.

    I'd like for you to be Kutner, or Wilson. I can be anyone for you! Haven't finished the series, so whatever we write'll be somewhat AU, though if you wanna pin point it, probably early season five.

    I'd like for you to be Kurotsuchi. I have not finished the series, so I cannot play an arrancar or bount for you, but I can be any Shinigami or whomever from the main cast.


    I do have a vague idea of a parasitic hollow (or a hybrid, more interestingly) that worms its way into the soul society and drains spirit energy, perhaps attracted to a specific emotion and only vulnerable when jumping from a new host.

    Another one is where Ichigo disappears without a trace and ends up trapped in a sort of mirror world, either trapped in a realm that seems just like the SS or Kurakara yet it's fixed, and nothing's real - or, he can see and hear everyone else, but they can't even sense his spiritual energy. So a group is accumulated (whatever's relevant when we're writing) like a search party and gradually starts to pick up on what might have happened to him, be it through the individual/being that sent him there or somehow he manages to leave extremely complex/pathetic clues for them to follow.

    I'd like for you to be Keishin, or Tanaka. I'll be anyone for you.

    Game, Manga, Anime - I can do any verse. I'd like for you to be Gary/Green Oak, I can be just about anyone for you, honestly. There will be no 'trainer's just beginning their journey' clichés, nor will I write with an OP OC. I am not open to PMD, or anything Ranger centric. I have a plot below, but I'm open for different ideas!


    While everyone was focused on the illusion of peace, supposedly secured just after Team Flare's demise, the Rocket's rose again, this time under new management. In a matter of months, Kanto succumbed to the dirty tactics of the legendary organization - double agents shut down the elite four, gyms faltered with ease, the black market expanded justifying poachers and increasing over all city crime - that accompanied by a rise in general pollution has severely damaged the environment, wildlife is at a record low. Neighboring nations are either reluctant to help, dealing with their own fears of sabotage or are fighting to enable Kanto some sort of regain of control - and now the champion as well as the great Samuel Oak himself has disappeared, sending everything into a downward spiral.

    However (Either a small group of rebels, or two hell bent trainers with chemistry and luck) rise to (take back their home, end the rockets, whatever their motivation is) and we're basically writing the struggle of unlikely heroes and the incredible odds they'll endure.
    Mass Effect

    I'd like for you to be a male drell for my OC, and then whomever you'd like I can conjure up. Though my preference is an AU take on things - we could also do something along the Shepard story line, though if we go that route I want to take a completely different approach than the shit endings left for Bioware fans in the third game. If you'd rather go canon, please write as Thane, or Garrus, I'll be anyone for you except Liara, cause I despise her and asari in general.


    Likely a couple hundred years after the Reaper wars, where the council is more fragile than ever, civilizations are just starting to build their populations and repair destroyed home worlds (some so decimated they had to relocate temporarily or permanently) and resources are so scarce that deep space exploration is the only option. A group is sent out, despite anxieties, likely compromised of many species in order to "improve cross species relations" and make it seem like a global effort, to scout for any hope, delving into uncharted territory unaware of the organisms that might inhabit dark space or wherever the hell they go to. Maybe there was another relic (Prothean or dating farther back) that further advanced knowledge, I dunno.

    I did want to bring in some races barely explored, or mentioned to be the ones existing before the Protheans - Yahg, Thoi'han and Inusannon. If you're interested, I have ideas of those races still existing farther out in what would almost seem like another realm, in seemingly uninhabitable territory though that's not the case for these civilizations. Wherever they are in space, far from the borders of logical travel, they're warring - yet also prosperous, likely with ruling orders, entirely different living styles, though extremely advanced. Again, if you're interested in this - I have the two races mentioned a little fleshed out, though the Inusannon specifically, I even considered having my OC birthed from there.
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