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  1. I am bored and if anyone likes TVD as much as I do I'm willing to talk to people about anything, especially with how season 4 is going and who is the favorite pairing
    I'm all for DamonXElena
  2. I really, really, really want to watch the Vampire Diaries, but I have a long list of stuff "To Watch" and haven't gotten there yet! O__O
  3. trust me, it's a good series. they are pretty much the classic vampires with the fangs and stuff which is nice. it's a really good show.
  4. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been watching since it started and I read the books shortly afterwards and I have to say...They're awesome!!! The show differs a lot from the books but it's done on purpose and so wonderfully, that the show has become its own.

    I'm more on team Stefan and Elena, I mean I love Daemon but the romance of giving up the love of your life because you value family is just so incredibly touching. Plus, he's so much cuter brooding away.

    I feel like season 4 just started and then it just ended at once so it's kind of leaving me unsatisfied. I hope Klaus doesn't off Tyler, least not for a while and I have a feeling that the Professor is going to open the gates and release the dead souls so hopefully Alaric returns because god...I freakin miss him to pieces.

    And I'm surprised they haven't bought Cathrine back, even for a small portion of the show. O_O
  5. NO ElenaxStefan all the way, Damon is an ass basically I'm just started watching it and I am in love with it espically Stefan So GORGEOUS AND HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I have watched the entire first season and most of the second season (sadly the second season is the last of it that they have up on Netflix D: ) I find the pairing of Damon and Elena to be more of my liking (probably because I end up always falling for the misunderstood half-bad guy... it always happens. Damon in general is just all over the place, and interesting honestly because you never know how he will act next. Overall, Vampire Diaries is awesome! ^^
  7. there is season three on netflix now and more of season two I am watching it when I can get it
  9. DamonxElena all the way xD also like ClausxCarline, KatherinexElijah
  10. I would love to see Klaus and Caroline to get together. They would be a cute couple.